All roads lead to Africa (Fall 1244)

It's the first time Eva has taken a boat. The first time she's been that far from Andorra, and she can't remember the last day she spent without seeing the Spider, if only for a moment.
Yet, she doesn't forget that, at any moment, her mistress might be using her as a spy, which leaves her with mixed feeling of freedom, lack of it, yet safety. The old witch may like frightening people a little too much, but she's been good for the young girl, enforcing her pact of the bargain. You don't need to like someone to trust her, after all.
This could be a wonderful experience for her, if she wasn't so sick.
How can you stand it? It waves and ducks, you can't... A retch interrupts her ... Oh this godforsaken ship of doom! I wanna get out of it!

As she bends over the board, she is passed by Anthony, distractedly biting into a piece of ham
Kids these days... So, how long until we get to the ground? I can't wait to taste Alexandria's delicacies

You pull up to the dock and 3 soldiers approach the ship. One gives notice that nobody will be allowed to disembark until the Sultan's agent has reviewed the manifest and passangers and departs while the other 2 remain at the foot of the gangplank, obviously to prevent anyone from leaving.
It is several hours before the Sultan's agent comes arround to review the manifest and passengers.

Carlos strums quietly trying to stave off boredom. At some point during the wait he tries chatting with the captain.
About what I was saying earlier, I did not mean to imply that I would know anyone around here. It has been about ten years since I was last here, and twas but a quick stop over before we set of for home. We spent the night at some dive not far from the docks here. Had food and drink at some tavern across the street. Then there was this one woman I met. I forget the name of the streets and these places, but her name I will always remember...
(insert plot hook/feature here if you want to)
So like I said, I don't know anyone. But I remember how they do things. For the review/inspection takes this long, it means they have their eye on us. Someone with influence is curious about us and wants to observe who we are. Or, worse still, they are trying to hold us here long enough to confront us in person. Or have their agents ambush us. But things seem calm, so probably just keeping an eye on us for now. But I am sure we will be followed if ever allowed to leave the boat, and they will keep tabs on us.
I have no idea who "they" are specifically. I am just saying. I think someone is curious about us and are using their influence to delay us. Just a theory.

"There are rumors that the Egyptian military has been preparing for something, I think perhaps the Sultan is afraid of spies at the moment, and is looking for anyone suspicious. Unfortunately some of your people seem to just radiate the idea of being suspicious." He glances towards Vibria.

OOC: did Vocis get dropped from the journey?

Not dropped, I missed that he was coming, assume he is also on the ship...

(Groovy, ty) Vocis keeps himself and the new apprentice below decks, away from crew till the manifest is checked. As wonderful as the sights are this (yet) another perfect time to try to teach the whelp some of the more subtle aspects of being a wizard - not being lynched before dusk.
Vocis also makes sure his young painful charge knows the Arabic for sorry, pardon, and yes.

It is late evening when the Sultan's agent comes aboard. He looks over the ships manifest with a creased brow then speaks with the captain briefly before heading to speak with Carlos first. "The captain says you are scholars, what brings you to Egypt?"

Thinking on his feet, Carlos is quick to come up with some fast talk that sounds reasonable. What is being used as a lingua franca? He has French 3, not good enough for reading but enough for conversation. He also has Latin 4 if that applies (which I doubt).
Communication 0, Guile 3 (innocent face), die roll 1D10 = [9] = 9, for a total of 13 (plus optional use of Confidence if needed)
(broken English is my way of roleplaying a low French score)
Oui, oui. We represent one institution of scholars. Location... Pyrenees near Barcelona. I am not scholar. I work for scholars. Scholars interested in skills and supplies. Books. Scribes. Other scholars. Make contacts. Correspond. Make business. Spend money. Also leisure. Opportunity to visit famous city. Eat food. Spend money.

The agent listens then thinks a moment. "I see. Is there anyone aboard who is not from Barcelona originally? Also who is the lead of this expedition?"

No No, not from Barcelona. The school is near Barcelona. Is closest port. Ship sail out from Barcelona. Staff and scholars come from different places. I from Aragon. In charge person? Um, that is me? Yes, is me. Am senior staff member. I need find a good place for us to spend money. You suggest?

Again, going with the presumption that we are using French as a common tongue, as it would make the most sense. If not, let me know and I will knock off the fake non-fluent dialogue pattern.

You spoke in French, so he is using French. He also speaks it better than you.
"So who aboard is from France?"

He spoke first, and I presumed OOG that he was speaking French.

Me not know. I start talking French because French is common anguage. Me am from Aragon. ahem (switches Languages to Spanish (Aragon). I was born in the Northern Iberian Kingdom of Aragon-Catalonia. I know a bit of Catalan proper, and some Latin. But they are about the same as my French. I sing in French better than I speak it. Same with Catalan. But anyways, we are from a tiny land called Andorra. Not France.
Any hint of understanding on his face?

He listens very intently while you speak in Spanish, and thinks for a while before he responds. "French is easier, tell me who you do know where they are from- from France, from Spain, or if you do not know. It will make the inspection faster."

We all from Andorra. Not France or Spain. From.., um, before from Andorra, some of us from other place. Aragon, Catalan, Spain. No one from France me think. But even if, now we all Andorra. No king.

He nods. "Very well, I will need to speak with the head academic"

Methinks that would be Vibria? Carlos runs off to fetch her.

Vibria, who had been half leaning over the rail taking in all the sights, catches the sultan's agent's glance out of the corner of her eye. She stands up straighter, smoothes out her robes, and finger-waves at him.

Vibria listens to what Carlos tells her, then looks at the agent with a concerned look that quickly turns into a (hopefully) friendly smile. She sashays to the agent and gives him a quick bow.

[color=red]”Good evening, sir,” she says in Latin, addressing him by name if she was give it. [color=red]”My name is Vibria, from Andorra. How are you?”

He replies in Spanish "I'm sorry, I do not speak Latin. I don't suppose you speak Arabic. Is your school a religious college?"