Aloe magic: magic items?

Hi there!

I am working on a potential idea for the open call and wouldm like to ask wehat the topic of this thread is about:

Do you think that Aloe can repair damaged magic items? Not only physically (we know it can do that), but also mending their powers. Let's think about a MAJOR item with several effects. Sample item, totally unrelated to what I am working on (or not)

Let's assume the classical staff. it is made of oak, has a ruby at its top, and is footed with iron and has silver around it.
This sample item used to be a talisman with the following effects.

  • Affect stuff at a distance bonus
  • Protection from lightning bonus
  • Affect dead wood bonus
  • affect fiery emotions (or whatever rubies do)
  • Harm faeries bonus

Leap of homecoming (the AC is embedded in the wood)
Aura of ennobled presence
Endurance of the berserker (item maintains concentration, cast if you suffer a heavy wound or worse)
Bind wound (12 uses/day)
Pilum of Fire (12 uses/day)

  • Can Aloe magic repair an item broken in half?
  • What if only one of the components has been damaged?
  • What if the item was damaged (say, it has a sword gash, or a bent iron foot) but not broken in several parts?

What if the enchanted part was only the Rubi (contains all effects), that took advantage of the Staff form bonus and the rest was only flashy display stuff?

Thx :slight_smile:


Ease Factor 30: A minor virtue a character has lost may be restored. It's possible to begin the game with magic items by means of a minor virtue. However, you need to make a 12+ chutzpah roll to use the guideline that way.

Seriously though, restoring the shape is trivial in all cases. I see no hindrance to restoring the magic. "Spellcasting ... is the creation of a naturally self-perpetuating process." (Rival Magic pg 125, discussion of the "perpetual" duration) So for them the magic of an item is as natural as its shape and form. It's not game breaking, since Verditius can already do a similar thing with a mystery virtue. I doubt you can "seed" magic items, for the same reason you can't grow live animals from seed, only animal corpses that you can later bring to life.

If it's possible, it will require material, meaning either raw vis of the appropriate form or technique, or possibly even a magic item already enchanted with a "similar spell." I suspect just vis, given that you can grow human corpses from fish. I also suspect you will need a separate spell for each enchantment you can restore, i.e, "Restore the Leap of Homecoming" is a different spell from "Restore Bind Wound." Of course, I'm basing that on the fact that you need a separate spell for each Virtue that can be restored... Finally, you will need a Soqotran that understands the idea of magical items, since magical items per se are foreign to their tradition. Might even require a Soqotran breakthrough. Also, the Soqotran may need to understand the concept of vis outside of incenses, which has political ramifications.