Also seeking an ArM5

Although I've been reading ArM books for ages, I have yet to be in a campaign that gets past character generation. I recently tried starting my own online-based ArM campaign, as I travel a lot for a living and have made many friends that I wanted to hang out with more. That stalled out super quick, too.

I am a veteran role player, with several published playtesting credits to my name. I lost my core gaming group when I moved to Chicago several years ago and started my own business. I haven't rpg'd much since I moved, particularly because I spend so much time traveling, it is hard to consistently make it to a tabletop game.

I've been vicariously living out the various campaigns posted here for a couple of weeks now, and would really love to get into a game like Novus Mane -- power levels appropriate for my limited knowledge of the material, RP focused, and lots of attention paid to companion and grog characters.

As a tangent that offers some insight into my personality, I started developing the itch to play ArM while reading the Dresden Files books by Jim Butcher. I really love the way he portrays the fae, and started thinking about how to include that sort of faerie in a campaign.