Alva of Ex-Miscellanea

This character has been described as a faerie Seithkonna… which I do not find a reference to, so lets start with the question of what a Seithkonna is.

Okay, I found the reference in hedge magic, which recommends creating it as an infernal tradition. At the same time it was described as being taught by an evil giantess, which given the Norse would potentially suggest a Muspelli connection. There is certainly no mention of a connection between the seithr and freya, except possibly as enemies...
which is not to say that a fearie hedge tradition won't work, but it might be better to suggest a connection with Aelfheim than Seithr…
mechanically the restriction looks too specific and rare to me, and I'd like to see a stronger connection than simply picking a set of norse myths, but otherwise it looks plausible, though I note that most of the non-spell benefits of evocation are already part of hermetic magic...

It looks to me like Hedge magic simply messed up from what I can find elsewhere, including the name of the practitioners. It was seen as unclean, but only when practiced by men- accordingly we can keep that name and have the restriction be that you cannot perform magic while wearing men's clothes, if that works for you...
the weak magic resistance is interesting if you would rather go that route.

One question that popped into my head is: are you taking the Faerie God Blood version of Strong Faerie Blood or one of the virtues that grants Faerie Sympathy? While Strong Faerie Blood makes your max sympathy trait Warping score+3 instead of just Warping score, my understanding is that you must have a virtue that actually grants a sympathy trait to start the game with one.

Second, Empathy seems like a better fit than evocation for a group sorta linked to Folk Witchery. I would say enchantment but enchantment uses performance and not craft art forms.

empathy is closer to Hermetic in that it is based on stamina, but the need to be in an addled state to use it is... not something I appreciate in an RPG. It doesn't strike me as being particularly linked to anything pre-1960's.

I don't know, the whole "Crazy wise person" thing isn't that new of a trope.

There is a difference between crazy wise person and needs to be incapacitated through mind altering substances and/or experiences.

for grant I always liked the idea of breaking an agreement as a vulnerability. Touching mistletoe would be a possibility for any of them, or the ringing of church bells is a classic...
technique and form will be defined per effect for faerie equivalent rituals, not by power category.

breaking a promise or touching mistletoe would work, I don't think further narrowing is practical. Keep in mind that part of the story of Baldur and the mistletoe is that mistletoe was overlooked as being harmless when Baldur's mother extracted promises from every substance not to harm Baldur, and it could only kill him with magical guidance and enhancement from Loki. Mistletoe by itself can not wound someone, so anything based on being wounded by mistletoe is a non-starter.

slowing or stopping aging would be an extension of longevity rituals- Creo Corpus
granting virtues would be derived from which virtues you are granting, but typically either Creo Corpus or Creo Mentem

As I said, it will be determined by the individual effect. I got on today and had 12 messages waiting to follow up on, and I don't want to take up time with this kind of uber-hypothetical speculation, and certainly not with arguing over it.

This looks good

it will be a lot easier to asses these on the character sheet on the wiki then to report everything here

first of all, with darkness as an antipathy it should have a base value of -1, to bring it to 1 would cost 10 points.
on the other hand, west Norse costs no experience to be at 5, and evocation, weal, grant, and light all start at level 1 for 0 points reducing their final cost by 5 xp
depending on how these values are corrected I get a final value for her age of 36 instead of 37... (I changed dark to -1 and subtracted 5xp from all of the above plus the dark sympathy)

okay, sounds like we have a difference in accounting methods for the most part, except the understanding of the antipathies- I do not see anything in the text that suggests it cannot become positive, in fact the rules on improving sympathy traits (including negative sympathy traits) indicates that it can. The actual value of your antipathy trait is another issue, since it should be increased by your warping score at character creation, and potentially additional factors- I will get back to that.

accounting for the differences in our methods of accounting she was simply age 36 instead of 37, but that also failed (on my part) to account for the 1 year of lab work without character advancement, so it looks like the character is fine (haven't checked the lab yet) with the possible exception of the antipathy value...

I'm having deja Vu with the lab- maybe I have done this before? In any case the safety should be +3 instead of +1, aesthetics should be 10 instead of 8, and warping should be 4 instead of 3 (you have the stat as 4 but above the stats you list it as 3)

values of sympathies and antipathies:
faerie background should have one sympathy (light) equal to a value of 4 (for free), and one (dark) equal to -4. These may both be improved (for the negative sympathy this means reduced towards 0) with experience as described in the section on sympathies. Community has a starting value of 1 but may be improved with experience to a maximum value of 5 (which may be increased with faerie warping).

the lab's base safety is -(occupied size-refinement) with a maximum value of zero, which in this case is zero, then it is modified by spacious (+2), lesser horde (+1), living (-2) and refinement (+2). Yes refinement counts twice, but only if you lab is large enough for you to take advantage of the reduction in occupied size. In this case it gives you a total of 3.
Alva's faerie warping is 0, only faerie warping applies to sympathy traits. What does adjust it are the values for faerie upbringing(1) and strong faerie blood(3). Faerie background specifies that the values for both traits start out maxed, unlike faerie sympathy or faerie antipathy, which each has its own separate calculation.

no, the faerie background specifies that the values for both positive and negative sympathies be maxed. Faerie sympathy is always at 1, and faerie antipathy is at -max value-1 (so if you had a faerie antipathy it would be at -5, and thus unable to improve until you gained faerie warping)

on the lab you really should add refinement as a virtue since it does more than affect the base safety. Also you still need to change the value of warping above stats and either increase or add a personality trait to equal the lab's warping value,