Among Sus FREE Print-and-Play

Spring Break during Covid was long and grey and boring for a lot of us, with none of the regular camps to send our kids off to for actual fun. So as a break from their really excessive screen time, my kids helped me put together a live action fan version of the popular Among Us cell phone app.

If you're not in the know, Among Us is set on a ship where crewmates have to discover and eject an impostor before being taken out themselves. It's actually pretty kid friendly, with cute little spaceguy cartoons for avatars with adorable hats and pets.

I've seen fans online make Among Us into a board game, but that seems like it misses the point that it's a SOCIAL deduction game. Our version goes the LARP route instead, which involves us running all around the house to different stations to do tasks before the impostor strikes again. It's kind of like an immersive scavenger hunt, but just a little bit "dangerous." And the core rule that you must be SILENT except during crewmate meetings helped save my sanity over Spring Break.

So if you're up for some excellent fun on a rainy indoor day, download Among Sus for free and give it a try. Enjoy!

-Michelle Nephew

(Among Us is a registered trademark of InnerSloth LLC. Reference to it here doesn't imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.)

This free games online is a pretty good and fun team game. Among US can tear our friendship apart

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