Amusing thought on Christmas

More particularly, on St Nicolas.

Short, obese, beard. Obviously has faerie blood (Dwarf) therefore.
Has a workshop where he spends at least 3 of 4 seasons of the year making 'toys'
Spends 1 night (duration sun) flying around the world (or at least, Europe + the US, these days. Back in the old days, would have been just Europe), on a sleigh, pulled by obviously created reindeer, given that one's nose glows red, and they can fly.

St Nick is a Verditius, or at least, the Fay idea of a Verditius. :stuck_out_tongue:

The reindeer could be magical could possibley be his familiar....(Rudolf)

Yeah. it's an amusing idea, at least, but might make an interesting NPC for someone :stuck_out_tongue: