An early winter conundrum (Winter 1220)

Nicolae laugh, and as the bird comes back and transform back into a cat, he will ask him:

"That was hilarious ! However, if a prank is repeated too many times it becomes less funny. Tell me, what do you get out of this relationship with your person?"

The bird shrugs (it did not turn back) "It is what I do."
Int+faerie lore+die roll (2)=6, it probably gains vitality from playing a role- even an adversarial one- in the person's work.

Frederic turns his attention away from the content of an old barrel to see who is entering. As he sees Talus he give him a short nod and starts to monitor the content of the barrel again. “I´m not sure if discovered is the right word, I thing witnessed is more correct. If you come over I can show you.”
Fredeic is holding the lid of the barrel ready in his hand as if he expects something to jump out of it.
All the ivory vis is placed in the barrel, and a gecko is hanging on the inside wall watching Frederic and Talus.
“One of the Ivory vis just transformed into this gecko. Gecko, say Hello to uncle Talus!”

The gecko is not hanging on the wall, and in fact you cannot see it anywhere.
There are only 10 pieces of ivory remaining that you put in the barrel.

"Dammed :imp: he slipped away! Where is the ********* ******* *******i[/i] faerie!"
Is there any other animal visible in or close to the barrel?

Talus looks around the room as well, but then returns his focus to the ivory. Without a word or gesture, he casts a simple spell to identify the vis, wondering if it will still appear as it did before.

Cast Sense the Nature of Vis on the ivory. Probably won't tell me anything. But it's a first step.
Casting is Quiet (due to Mastery), Silent (-5 CT), and Still (-5 to CT).
Casting Total: 1D10+12 = [10]+12 = 22; success

After a while, Antonius enter the vis store as well, after inquiring to a grog about Talus.

"Salve Talus and Frederic. Apparently, some of our vis has dissapeared and resurfaced as faerie causing trouble to our covenfolk ? I have seen worse, over the years. Maybe we can come to an understanding with them. I would hate for shelma durath to come and defecate all over the council room. We wouldnt want a repeat of what happened in Amen Baal's temple, wouldn't we? Plus, that will save you long hours of waiting."

Antonius then take the ivory figurines and place then on the floor. He will then conjure a stone circle, that should last until the next moon, out of thin air. He will then circle around it while casting Ward Against Damphirs."

"There. They wont go anywhere until for as long as this ward is let untouched."

OOC: N.b. Ward against Dhamphirs works against all types of faeries.

"Of course, I have little better to do."

Terra, conveniently nearby will comment "Indeed I would prefer they not defaecate in the council room. I would also very much like the chance to talk to them."

OOC: It does occur to me this might be seen as rude, with Terra butting in.

"Of course, this would likely never have happened if we had an Aegis of the Hearth," Talus says to Antonius. "Tell me again why we don't have one?"

Where is that spell written up? I'm intrigued by the fact that it stops all faeries. It raises the question of why anyone would ever learn Ward Against Faeries of the Air, etc.

OOC: Vim wards works against all type of creatures from one realm, whereas each of form can ward against creatures associated with one realm and one form. As for the Aegis, I said at some point that I would cast it during the summer, but it must have gone unnoticed. Anyway, it doesn't really matter.

"There were no threats to the covenants that I was aware of. I shall cast it this winter, as we are now more established and our covenant has a definite boundary."

As you are putting the vis into the cirle to be, one of them transforms into a snapping turtle and bites your hand. You drop it to the ground and it transforms into a jackrabbit and dashes away, as a bird appears on one of the walls and flies into Fredrick's face while he is focused on what Antonius is doing.

the ivory vis all glows brown.

"Curses ! That hurts ! They seem inoffensive, and I think that in the end they might beneficial for our covenant. I think I've an idea as to what arrangement could put an end to the shelma durat harassment of our grogs."

He will shout at the bird:

"Whatever your name is shelma durat, I would like to discuss with you. I have an offer, a deal if you wish, to propose you."

Antonius will also attempt to investigate why the vis is glowing brown with intellego and vim spells.

"Is this supposed to be [strike]Terram[/strike] Animal vis?" Talus asks. "It glows brown to my detection spell, which seems to indicate that it's [strike]Terram[/strike] Animal. Was that the same as it detected when you gathered it?"

Corrected based on silveroak's correction below. I guess I read the spell description too quickly.

Animal is brown, terram dark brown

As the bird flies to his Face Frederic will doge as a reflex then try to grapple it. =10
A 10 means a 0 isn´t it?
If yes its just a 0 no Botch.
Dodge total 5+0=5 =6
Grapple Attack: 5+6=11
OCC: Frederic has the flaw Wrathful!

You manage to grab the bird in mid flight, and it begins pecking at your hands. The turtle meanwhile has changed into a dog whose tail is happily wiping away the circle that Antonius had drawn but not yet cast.

Nicolae enters the rooms as well; attracted by the commotions and and swearing. As he crosses the door frame, he wide smile appears on his face:

"Well, well well... Look at that ! Two magi of the powerful order of Hermes being bested by a bird and a dog ! Let us be fair though, as they opponents are no regular animals."

He spends a minute regaining his composure, not attract the wrath of the magi on himself.

"You live around faeries long enough and you learn a thing of two about what they want and why they do certain things. They get their sustenance by interacting with us, and right now, they are surely getting their belly full, so to speak."

He get on his knew to pet the dog.

"Come here, boy ! Let me pet you behind the hears !"

He then thurns to Flavius and Antonius:

"You know, we brought them here from the caves, so it is not really their fault, they are only making due with the local ressources. However, I am sure they would be interested in knowing what that magical protection that will keep them away from here forerver.... away from a city filled with people with lives more interesting than your regular primitive, I would bet. Magic, adventures, gossips... What faerie wouldn't want that ?"

He looks at the dog and the dove, to see if he has their attention before continuing.

"Well I wouldn't so much say that they were besting them," Talus says dryly from where he stands to the side watching. "But you're definitely right that they're having a fine old time playing with them." He shakes his head. "I've heard that Faerie are all part of a story, or something like that. Figure out the story and you figure out the Faerie - though I'm no expert, and I may be oversimplifying things."

Frederic increases the pressure on the bird slightly. Staring angrily at the bird with a tone that expresses his anger he states with a snarl:
”You stop pecking at me or I will press all faerie live out of you right now!” Then he starts to increase the pressure very slowly but constantly until the bird stops pecking. He also gets ready to throw the faerie in the barrel and close the lid.
Looking over to his sodales and Nicolae:
“If we don´t get this under control, I will use more drastic measures! I assume a pilum of fire will kill them. The remaining Ivory can be brought away.
We really need an aegis!"

the bird turns into a hedgehog and suddenly you have a hand full of quills.

The dog meanwhile has lain down with Nicholae scratching its ears.