An Example of....

The rulebook is very vague on a bunch of subjects. There aren't any examples given, and sometimes us less fortunate folk who don't have the time or creativity, aren't sure of what goes in the blank...
Can anyone give examples of the following things...

Craft: What crafts are available in 1220?

Familiars: Whats a good corpus familiar? Muto? Creo? etc

Faeries: Mermaids and elves...what else???



Various Crafts...

Brewing (Beer!), vinting (Wine!), carpentry, shipbuilding, tanning, blacksmithing, armory, weaponsmithing, bowyer/fletcher (makes bows and arrows), jewelsmith, glazing (glass work, mainly windows), brazing (does brass work), pewtersmithing, Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Founding (smelts ores, makes molds, pours molten metal into them to make stuff), Cooperage (makes barrels), basketweaving, sewing, teamster (drives wagons), masonry, glass blowing, sculpting, stonecutting, cabinetmaking, gemcutting, potting (makes pottery), mining, architect (builds buildings), engineering (builds other stuff, and knows how to knock stuff down), cobbler (makes shoes), cooking (very important),,,

Familiars: I can only come up with Ignem at the moment... Dragon or Drake! :slight_smile:

Fay: Sprites (little winged things), The Monty Python Rabbit of DOOM (With Sharp, Pointy Teeth!), various talking animals, whose form is often indicative of thier social status. Nymphs, Satyrs, Fauns, Centaurs, Robin Goodfellow (that merry, if somewhat psychotic, wanderer of the night), Goblins, Silkies, Dryads, Naiads, Ents. Some Dragons (and not those annoying things from Advanced Pits and Lizards). Waterhorses (both hippocampus and the Irish monster). The various kinds of Irish Sidhe. Various Brownies - House, Church, Stable. Giants, Ogres, Fir Bolg.


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Some of what you have listed I don't even know what they are...(Faeries) Are there stats for them somewhere?


For familiars, just think about a mundane animal & give it some powers / might if you wish.

Fish: Aquam
Birds: Auram / Intellego
Monkeys: Memtem / Corpus
Butterflies: Muto / Perdo(death) / Imaginem
Rats: Herbam / Perdo

Or you can go directly with magical beeings.

Mandrakes: Perdo / Corpus / Herbam
Manlion: Creo / Imaginem / Animal
DireWolf: Perdo / Animal
Basilisk: Muto / Terram / Animal / Aquam
Centaur: Corpus / Animal
Chimera: Muto / Imaginem
Gryphon: Intellego / Animal / Auram
Unicorn: Imaginem / Vim / Creo

Familiars: Useful books are 'The Medieval Bestiary Revised Edition' from ArM4, and its predecessor 'Medieval Bestiary' from ArM3. Both describe many magical beasts, partly derived from mundane ones, and assign them powers with Technique and Form. A being with powers of a given Tech&Form combination from one of these books can be safely assumed as bondable with that Tech&Form combination.
Faeries: Useful books are the ArM4 and ArM2 'Faerie' and 'Faeries' Sourcebooks.
Crafts: Are highly dependent on specific time and place. Once you have read up on how the mundane people in your campaign's time and area lived, you also have found out most of the crafts they exercised.

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Regarless of your source for inspiration regarding magical beasts you'll probably want to adapt their physical characteristics from the "book of mundane beasts", a free download off of the Atlas site that has fifth edition stats for several animals.

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I take that in hand and do the leg work...

Berenger...Yeah I kind of figured that, and I read a WHOLE bunch of stuff on history and such, but it doesn't really give a decent accounting of what Crafts are available. If the craft produced something that Archeologists can dig up, yeah its mentioned, but thats about it...

Erik: Thanks, but I've had that one for didn't really inspire...

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I'm not sure what you read, and don't know the time period you are playing in.

But how about trying the famous:
Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie
Montaillou, village occitan de 1294 Ã 1324
Gallimard 1975
(many translations and editions, also softcovers available)

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There is always the SCA :
Just click the link for Crafts.
Not definitively 13th Century , but a decent guide i hope.

If you are interested in things-fae, run, beg, borrow, steal, purchase, or do whatever you have to do to find a copy of the long out-of-print book A Field Guide to the Little People by Nancy Arrowsmith
is also very helpful for finding stuff.

Most of the results were a bit pricey , but the UK ones looked quite cheap.

Thanks guys!

A Field Guide to the Little People by Nancy Arrowsmith

I found many copies ranging from about $4 and up...