An Old House Rule I Found

...from a saga that was played approx. 20 years ago, and approx. 1400 miles from my current location.

Short background: after two or three years, our magi discovered that Kragenmoor Covenant wasn't in just a normal aura, but a regio. Some of our mundanes went missing during the holidays and we found them on the next level up. One of our Bonisagi decided the mundanes needed help avoiding this issue.

This saga was under 3rd. ed. rules and as I said, a long time ago, so I don't have specific lab totals to hand, but here's the idea:

Aura Linked Enchantments (Lesser Devices)
The enchantment procedure is as normal for lesser devices but, instead of using pawns of vis based on the effect's level, the device is attuned to the aura it is enchanted inside of. Thus the power of a covenant's aura places a cap on how powerful devices of this sort may be, as nothing more powerful than ten levels per Aura rating may be enchanted in this way.

One side effect of aura linked devices of the same type is that they are arcane connections to each other. The specific ones made for Kragenmoor's mundanes allowed the wearer to "see" the borders between layers of aura strength within our regio.

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Cool. This reminds me of Mythal Magic items from D&D.