Ancestor Spirits at Ancestor Sites?

I´m a little bit confused about the "Heartbeasts and Ancestor spirits" thread (

Let me describe, what I´m planning, maybe then you can tell me, where is my fault.

I have a Bjornaer Maga in my group. Her Heartbeast is a nightingale. She lived near Crintera but now she founded a new covenant at the rhine gorge with the other characters of the group. At the last Tribunal she became acquainted with three other Bjornaer Magae. One of them is a peregrinator, the two other live in a Fengheld Chapterhouse not too far away from the covenant of the characters. All three have birds as Heartbeasts and they form a sept. The Maga made friends with them and so got an invitation to join the sept. The requirement for her entry is the initiation in the Clanmysteries (of Clan Maruh). The sept meets at an ancestor site: a sugarloaf lump of rock a few day´s journey away called "The Hollow Stone". The initiation should be performed there.

Here are my problems:

  1. My plan was, that the Maga will meet the ancestor spirits at the Hollow Stone. These spirits will question the Maga concerning her character and courage. But are there ancestor spirits at an ancestor site at all? In the "Heartbeasts and Ancestor spirits" thread it appears to me, that the ancestor spirits are integral part of the Heartbeasts. Can you meet an ancestor spirit at an ancestor site?
  2. Let´s assume this is possible and I need stats for the ancestor spirits. What kind of spirits are they? Ghostly Apparitions? I´m not sure.

Is there anybody, that can answer my questions? That would be helpful.

1.) Yes, I think you can. My understanding is that ancestor sites are like aligned or tinted auras; it's easier to use magic related to ancestors there. If only because it is acceptable for the Mystery Initiations.

2.) The Ancestors haven't really been detailed; my reading suggests they like the Inner Heartbeast. It comes down how you wish to portray that ancestor. It could be a spirit (like a ghost) who has the heartbeast ability. It is up to you. YSMV is the watch word.

Thank you very much for your answer. Apparently I developed no completely inadequate conceptions.

Your note about the heartbeasts is interesting for me. So far I assumed that all kinds of ancestors have to be immaterial and disembodied. But if the Bjornaer ancestors at an ancestor site can be Inner Heartbeasts, then the ancestors would be material and living beings, isn´t it? That seems to open some interesting options.

I found it a little odd myself when reading HoH:MC but it does suggest that as an option in the section on Inner Heartbeast scripts...

On the other hand, if they can shapeshift from immaterial ghost to Magic Animal, that has options as well. However That ancestor is clearly non-hermetic. Hermetic wizards who've become Ancestors (Warping 10 &/or the right Mystery) are stuck in Heartbeast form, (Complete with Magic Animal virtue) and compelled to go an appropriate site.