Ancient Magic Sneak Peek Now Available ... review.pdf

OMG (to stay in the modern internet lingo)!!!!!

What a wonderful treat! And already it leaves me hungry for more! I was certainly already looking forward for this book more than most, but now the wait seems even longer. :smiling_imp:

Moreso this might inspire the current thread on further books as we now know a bit a bout what will be covered in Ancient Magic.


I like Step #5 of the integration process. :smiley:


Children of Cain?

I understand that you cant say anything about the content of the book... but please tell me that these people arent vampires...

Get of my way! Me first! Mine! All Mine!

This is SO much better than that PS3 thing.

Where's my tent? Oh yeah, it's still in the van.

Excellent! :smiling_imp:

And for a sorry European, who knows his example will have to almost literally cross the globe, I'll need a inflatable rubber boat rather than a tent - but if by the gods of the Valhal I'll have to paddle across the Atlantic to cut down on the long excruciating wait.... If my forebears just hadn't left those darn longboats back in Vinland! :cry:

Or wait! Arent the books being printed in Asia - I can go there on bike and no need getting my feet wet!! :bulb:

Ohh, that would be:

If so I would certainly go for unearthing the knowledges of the Hyperborea - maybe then Hermetics could also learn how to make proper nourishing food (:o) and we wouldn't have to discuss this at every congregation of magi! :laughing: Next I would turn megalomaniac and destroy any crop or food source, in secret, and then as a saving angel feed the poor mundanes my food. I would then bask in the glory untill some righteous Guernici got me denounced and Marched. But I would be king for a while.

The preview looks quite interesting. I especially appreciate that many of the various ancient magic systems contain instructions on how to integrate that system with Hermetic theory and the consequences of doing so.

In addition, the introduction also contains an extension to the Original Research rules that may be of interest to Yair and others who participated in the Original Research go-round when HoH:TL first came out.

I believe that the books are printed locally (local to Atlas anyway). Boardgames are printed in China.

As someone who in his younger days did a fair amount of winter camping in Minnesota, I'll advise you to come well prepared. Our balmy winter days tend to give people a false sense of security.

There, I've corrected your typo. :smiley:

ROFL! :laughing: :laughing:

So it would seem!

Ouch. Any chance a boardgame version of Ancient Magic will be forthcoming...? :unamused:

I don't see why they need be vampires. Grendel wasn't.

But then there is Tremere himself, that old conniving buggar. First he wasn't, then he was, and now he isn't. A vampire that is... You never know... for sure.

In spite of being a vampire-veteran I kind of like his present guise best. But you never know.

I've got family in Esko and was born in the UP. The tent really is in the van cause I was camping this weekend with the brother in law in Northern Wisconsin. We did bring a laptop, a dozen movies, a space heater, inflatiable matresses, several growlers, and various random electronic gadgets. Were making an effort to redefine surviveing the Northern Tundra. :wink:

And if mine hadn't lost those darn caravels in the Caribbeans ! Anyhow, you willing to pick a second set of roving arms, matey ??

You are so going to pry Mine from my dead hands only ! Better fit a couple shotguns in that boat

So very exciting! Thanks for the preview!

The Seven Beautiful Names of Light :astonished:

Sure don't mind skippy - as long as yae no woobly land crawler!

(hush the whole boat thing is just a ruse but dont tell anyone - I plan to take the airplane, sneak in to set some random tents on fire, and rush on to get our dirty viking paws on those books. Molesting the local nuns might be go a bit to far... but anything to get that book....)

Actually, they're printed here in Minnesota.

We expect the release date of Ancient Magic -- the day when distributors will be able to sell it to retailers (and thus, in theory, a retailer in the same town as their distributor who picked up their orders in person might have it for sale to consumers that very same day; otherwise, depends on shipping times) to be Jan. 2nd.

VERY interesting. I'm psyched. I suspect this will be the 5e Mysteries for me.

Absolutely. The inclusion if instructions on incorporating the breakthroughes and their repercussions is brilliant. The new rules for integrating ancient magic are written far more clearly than the Original Research rules (at first sight), for which I'm deeply grateful. I think they'd be more fun to follow, too. I think they are actually better than the Original Research rules, but I'll need to think about their difference before making that call.