And again: Transformed animals rules

Feng Shui Basic book p109

Rules for the animal attributes packages:

My english is not perfect - what exactly does this means?

A TA starts with 5 Reflexes normally and (for example) receiveed +4 to Reflexes. It has Guns +6 (11) and a max starting value of 13. Now, that this rule means that he can raise the AV of Martial Arts at the beginning higher than 13? Or does it simply mean that first his attribute boni are added (+4) and then he still can use character points and increase the AV from the new AV up to the maximum starting value (like 13 for TAs).


That's a good question.

Since this is your "race", it would apply before your Type, so no matter what other rulings you used, your stats would automatically be boosted as the TA package indicates, and then you still have your character points.

Since it doesn't say it voids the MAXIMUMS on a Type (like Martial Arts 13), only that it doesn't count against the limit for raising action values, I'd be inclined to say this is simply over-clarifying the fact that the TA package is not legislating HOW you spend your character points, but are "free" extra points, so you still have your full CP total after applying the bonuses, but you still have to abide by the action value maximums. There is probably an explanation in the errata or mailing list somewhere.