And it doesn't stop in college...

Whether you're in grade school, university, or working a job, almost everyone has had the experience of being assigned to work in a group. And as those of us in Mad Scientist University (or was that House Bonisagus?) know after looking out at the vast majority of the populace that surrounds us... people are incompetent.

Sadly, it happens inside the hallowed halls of Mad Scientist University as well. How would you, assuming you have marbles, cattle, plastic springs (not going to use the commonly-referred to name, I've already been tortured with Sporks because of it... damn, did it again), oranges, and peat moss, get your 'teammates' to finish the project rather than screwing around?

Your project is due by February the 6th. Take no prisoners.

Okay, if nobody responds with an acceptable project by midnight, I'll just come up with a new one. But know that this is pushing me one step closer to pushing the Big Red Button.

Thankfully there is few requirements from such an open project.

Task: To get the group of incompetents to "work" together - at anything. In this case, I will have them herd cattle.

Solution: I will use the plastic springs to induce a slobbering drool in the incompetents. Once slobbering, I will fasten each to a cow in such a way as they will not fall off. Now that they cannot do any further damage, I will arrange the oranges and peat moss to make a path that the cows will delightfully follow - placing the most sour oranges as a deterrent. Should anything go awry, I will use the marbles to stun/maim/kill any and all interlopers.

I shall not press The Big Red Button... for now.

Lessee... the scores so far are:
Zachary Anderson (aka raidingparty) I
Timothy Ferguson III
Chris Knight I
Michelle Nephew I
Sdelear I
ve6neo III

ve6neo has been elevated to the prestigious position of TA! It is now up to you to a) create Wednesday's assignment, b) set the guidelines, and c) judge it when all the projects have been submitted... without crying, vomiting, or going insane. :smiling_imp: