and they lived happily ever after (or not)

I just brought my game to conclusion tonight after about a year of play (I billed the game from the onset as a short term endevor).

I've left unanswered plot hooks laying about like popcorn on a movie theater floor but the primary story that we had reached a satisfying conclusion.

The personalities of former Criamon primi existing in the axis mundi had hoped to free humankind from the prison of time by bringing all of Ireland into the Hypostasis, and, by doing so, tear a whole in creation large enough for the rest of the world to leak though into freedom.

Instead they trapped all of Ireland in a regio along with all who lived on it including the PC's.

We played about fifteen sessions with the characters trying to figure out why they were where they were and how they could release themselves. Tonight the PC's broke free with a beautiful plan involving magi in four separate regios each flying a quarter mile above the earth and each of them simultaneously triggering a waiting spell with over 100 penetration then hightailing it to safety before the regios collapsed around them.

I had a character voluntarily put himself into twilight to help discern what kept their island suspend away from the real world. I had characters casting horoscopes and and learning secret names of magi hundreds of years dead in order to get sufficient penetration to read the minds of ghosts.

I had a Flambeau unleash enough creo ignem power to turn an archangel into a charcoal briquette only to have the Goetist who was the target of his spells calmly remark "fool I've spent years preparing to face you" and then had the Flambeau fast cast spont a perdo herbam spell on the floor beneath the summoner's feet and unceremoniously drop him down to the next floor amidst a clatter of floor beams.

I had everyone in Ireland take a warping flaw from exposure to high magical auras (they all developed Criamon stigmata).

I had wisecracking grogs and drunken pirates. I had brave knights, troubled kings and frightened villagers.

It'll be a few months before I play again (the group I gathered for my game wants to stay together but we're going to take a break from Ars for a bit) but tonight I'm just reveling in the happy memories of the gaming that I did get to do.

[size=150]I love this game[/size]

And Erik; stories like that is what makes me love it too :exclamation:

Cheers for sharing it!


Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with the rest of us. I, for one, would like to see more of this sort of fun and positive message on the forum. :smiley:

Awesome post, Magister Tyrrell. Thanks for sharing.

Congratulations on having a blast. And thanks for sharing it with us :slight_smile: I should write some endings of our sagas as well. They are much more apocalyptic than yours (tending to end in bloodshed) but they tend to be nice as well.

And obviously, I think most of us love this game as well :smiley:




If there is a problem with Ars, the Saga format can lend itself to on going tales that never come to an end. Sometimes is nice to slap a huge The end! on things.

This sounded really great, and I took pleasure in reading your account.

That sounds like so much fun! WOW! Thanks for posting your story. I'd read the long version if you fel like writing it.