Andalusian Books

I've posted some commentary on the initial Studia Arabum material on Notable Andalusian Books over on my blog. I'll be adding additional authors and texts over time, as well as developing some further ideas on the role of books in stories.

To aid with this process, I've collated the various book resources scattered throughout the current supplements, online and on this blog:

And a short index of the various official "Book Rules":

See also previous threads for other Andalusian material:



One interesting point... One Muslim last Mechanician?

Ah, yes... a step ahead of you my friend. Now loaded up in the Andalusian Magisection:

This was a planned update of some old material, but your post has provoked me to load it up earlier (although I may develop it more later). I think a Mechanician tradition, based on the Mechanica of Heron mechanics introduced in Ancient Magic works well for Andalusian and Levantine magi - it was something I considered including in The Cradle and the Crescent but we elected to concentrate on the sahir / Solomonic Magic rather than flesh out any hedge traditions due to space reasons (it was already bursting to the seams and ended up being allowed extra word count to account for this).

I always intended to go back and write an article on the various Mythic Middle Eastern hedge traditions / variations of hedge traditions of Mythic Europe.

Also, see my old article on Dar al-Nujum Covenant which details a potential inheritor of the Mechanician tradition, Fiducius the Clocksmith (aka Al-Idhâdah), and "the Great Device", a semi-Hermetic orrery.

Ups, I will see every point.

And I understand the problems. The Mythic Middle East and Arabian is Solomonic centered, like the Mythic Europe is Hermetic. I can figure out some Versions, and the HMRE tell us some examples and so on.