Andor Ex Tremere

Well, the wood can always be burned for heat in the winter ...

I'm still finishing his purchase of magical items with his Vis, they'll go here:

Longsword (Excellent Quality +3)
+3 Attack and Defense

Chainmail (Item of Quality)
+7 Soak

Saddle (Item of Quality)
+7 Affect Riding

Shield (Item of Quality)
+5 Defense

Familiar after Cycle 6:

Might: 15

Int: +2
Per: +2
Pre: +1
Com: +1
Str: -6
Sta: +2
Qik: +6


Animal Ken*
Clear Thinker*
Gift of Tongues*
Improved Characteristics x2
Keen Eyes*
Magical Animal
Piercing Gaze*
Second Sight
Wilderness Sense


Meddler (Major)


Gift of Speech
Personal Power x3 (Hands of the Magical Animal and Sight Beyond Sight)
Improved Abilities x8
Minor Virtue (Animal Ken)
Minor Virtue (Clear Thinker)
Minor Virtue (Gift of Tongues)
Minor Virtue (Keen Eyes)
Minor Virtue (Piercing Gaze)


Susceptible to Deprivation


Animal Ken (Forest Animals)/4/50xp
Athletics (Fly)/5/75xp
Awareness (Rodents)/4/50xp
Bargain (Small Talk)/4/50xp
Brawl (Dodging)/3/30xp
Charm (Inspiring Confidence)/4/50xp
Code of Hermes (Certamen)/4/50xp
Concentration (Spells)/2/15xp
Etiquette (Magi)/2/15xp
Faerie Lore (Vis Sources)/3/30xp
Folk Ken (Travelers)/4/50xp
Hunt (Rodents)/2/15xp
Intrigue (Gossip)/4/50xp
Leadership (Intimidation)/4/50xp
Magic Lore (Regiones)/4/50xp
Magic Theory (Mentem)/6/105
Order of Hermes Lore (Certamen)/4/50xp
Penetration (Animal)/2/15xp
Second Sight (Regiones)/6/105xp
Stealth (Flying)/3/30xp
Survival (Woods)/3/30xp
Transylvania Lore (Woods)/3/30xp
Wilderness Sense (Find Prey)/3/30xp

Vis and BP Expenditure. I realized that I had messed up slightly for the BPs for specialists, I was counting Attributes and Puissant into the cost.

Vis Income:

Yearly Income (42 Years): 168
Personal Vis Source (42 Years): 168
Covenant Service (7 Times): 14
Vis Hunt (2 Times): 10

Total: 360 Pawns

Expended Vis:

Training (56 Seasons): 168 Pawns
Familiar: 10 Pawns
Talisman: 16 Pawns
Longevity Ritual: 24 Pawns

Magic Item (Ring of the Smith x2): 18 Pawns
Magic Item (Ring of the Stonemason x4): 48 Pawns
Magic Item (Ring of the Stevedore x2): 24 Pawns
Magic Item (Ring of the Flying Disk x4): 36 Pawns
Magic Item (Item of Quality x5): 15 Pawns

Total: 359

Remainder: 1 Pawn Vim


300 (Base)
60 (Adventures)

Total: 360

Expended BP:

8 BP - Steward (8 + 2)
8 BP - Chamberlain (8 + 2)
8 BP - Master Smith (8 + 2)
8 BP - Master Stonemason (8 + 2)
8 BP - Master Carpenter (8 + 2)
8 BP - Master Shipbuilder (8 + 2)
40 BP - 5x 'Architects' (Finesse trained specialists) (8 + 2)
30 BP - 6x 'Sergeants' (Leadership) (5 + 2)
150 BP - 30x Soldiers (Divided between Footmen, Crossbowmen and Cavalry) (5)
92 BP - 230 Levels of Magical Items (4x Ring of Carpenter, 3x Ring of the Stevedore)

Total: 360

I haven't double checked your math yet, but it looks generally good.

One thing to remember, the EF for FInesse crafting is 3 higher than for regular crafting. That means that your Finesse 10 experts are effectively only Skill 7 at any craft they use a device for. Of course, that's still well within a professional skill level. They'll be able to do work quite well, just not at level 10.

So when it comes to using them for purposes of lowering covenant costs, I'll be using a skill level of 7.

Also, one other thing occurred to me. You have a skilled shipbuilder. He'll be good for coordinating the building of ships. But you'll need skilled laborers to help him actually build ships. Carpentry skill (or magic) is a good substitute for shipbuilding skill, though I'd probably impose a penalty. Still, with the architects being able to use skill level 7 and the specialist having a 10, you can take some penalties and still have things work out.

I'm imagining that you'll want to set up docks and some functioning buildings on the bay (Bonisagus Bay?), since that's where ships will want to shelter from the ocean. You'll need somewhere to offload the ships to prepare for travel overland to the covenant. (Roads will be coming in another few seasons.) Will you set those buildings up in the ruined settlement or elsewhere?

Once you've filled out the (Google Drive document) with what Andor will do in 1220, I'll narrate the results in the Brave New World thread.

Absolutely! Keep in mind though, that they're likely to have a Finesse Specialization in Rego and a 2 in Perception, so they're still fairly potent. Besides, they're there to most of the heavy lifting as it were, truly skilled work comes from the Specialists (and their apprentices, as I'm assuming they have one or two less skilled workers assisting them that we didn't need to pay BP for).

Andor is leaving that decision up to his craftsmen, they know their job far better than he, so he'll trust their advice. But I'd assume that they'll probably use the ruined settlement, if for nothing other than ease.

And I've just filled out the doc.

Oh sure. There each probably have a couple of apprentices, say one in the 1-3 range and another in the 4-5 range.

They'd pick the ruined settlement both for ease of construction and because that's where the old Atlantean road goes. It's not much of a road anymore. but it's still better than going by other routes.