Andovar, A November Magus

This November I'm going to be doing another Magus advancement post, this time an Ex Miscellanea that is an advancement of a custom Ex Misc tradition from a previous saga I was running.

You can find Andovar here, in the Post a Day forum. I welcome any posts here in this thread, though will try and avoid long discussions in the Post a Day thread to try and keep it a bit cleaner.

As always, I plan to replicate the information on my google sites storage repository.


Would we get a post about his tradition and it's Supernatural Ability?

Yes. Either later today or as tomorrow's post.

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Looking forward to it, raccoon.

Edited the first post for an abbreviation and table of contents. Added the Tradition today.

I had some questions about Andovar. The fluff about the tradition seems to imply they can get the truth by eating at someone's tables, but no mechanics are actually presented that allows the Eater of Truth to actually do this. Am I right in thinking he abuses his Intellego Mentem spells for such effects? Even so, with no Deft Mentem, or Quiet/Subtle Magic, why do you think a magi not that far out from his gauntlet should be able to magically interrogate covenfolks stealthily within a covenant, typically covered by an Aegis of the Hearth? He's not that good at this magic yet either.

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Mmm, his traditions ability really is just to identify Whole from the Part on any form they eat.

I am definitely planning on having him learn spells to interrogate, but I am actually relying on his charm, Gentle Gift, and Self Confident to get a non-magical interrogation going. He'll be learning magical interrogation as he gets more mature.

Sorry I'm behind, last few days have been distracting and busy - I have notes for advancement and will be posting them tonight I hope.