Angus Ex Tytalus (development)

at "gauntlet" (aka killing his parens)
Int 3 Per 0
Pre -1 Com 0
Str -1 Sta 3
Dex 0 Quick 0

blatant gift( -3 major)
weak parens( -1 minor)
wrathfull( -3 major)
plagued by supernatural entity( -3 major)

apt student( +1 minor)
book learner( +1 minor)
adept laboratory expiriment( +1 minor)
secondary insight( +3 major)
independent study( +1 minor)
inventive genius( +1 minor)
free study( +1 minor)
self confident( +0 free)
improved characteristics( +1 minor)

English 5
Brawl 3
Survival 3
Stealth 3
Latin 5
Artes Liberales 1
Magic Theory 4
Leadership 1

Creo 2
Muto 2
Intelligo 2
Rego 2
Perdo 2
Animal 2
Aquum 2
Aurum 2
Corpus 2
Herbem 2
Ignem 2
Imaginem 2
mentem 2
Terram 2
Vim 2


ReAn 10 Sooth the ferocious bear
InAq 5 Touch of the pearls
CrCo 10 bind wound
CrCo 10 charm against putrefaction
InHe 5 hunt for the wild herb
CrIg 10 lamp without flame
CrMe 10 words of unbroken silence
ReMe 10 The call to slumber
ReTe 10 The Unseen Porter
InVi 5 scales of magical weight
InVi 5 sense the nature of vis

Angus was recruited to be an 'apprentice' to one Nocturnus ex Tytalus- a Calliclean lening tytalus who had gone a step beyond in his philosophy- in nature animals dominate each other, therefore attempting to dominate others was part of natural law. This attitude led him towards being abusive towards his apprentices not simply to toughen them up and build a rebellious streak but instead so he could use them as nearly perpetual lab assistants. His first apprentice 'failed' and was kept on as a lab assistant and essentially a slave. Angus began apprenticeship with dreams of adventure and wonder, but instead was essentially taught enough to be useful in the lab and to be able to generate tracti from what he had learned. Seeing what the future had in store Angus murdered his parens and fled, only to be surprised when he was informed he had passed his gauntlet by killing his parens, though the Authorities in England might not be so understanding if he returned there...

I would like to start this character at age 21, which is 2 years younger than it should be by the book- I'm hoping that given the back story, weak parens and the combination of learning based virtues this is something that would be approved by the storyguide/troupe.

I'm not sure book learner and free study are compatible.

The way I would do a character with a shorter gauntlet is just modify the backstory while leaving mechanics intact. As long as the character isn't under 20 It will work out fine. So for the at gauntlet stage the Living Language+45 xp, +15xp +Apprenticeship XP. Mechanically he was apprenticed at age 6, but storywise he could have been apprenticed at age 8 and finished in 13 years.

My two kibbles.

Just looked them up, and they're not incompatible. Counterintuitive, maybe, but not incompatible. One gives you a bonus to book learning, and one gives you a bonus to studying from vis. Pretty nice combo, especially if you plan on studying from vis (which, imo, they nerfed in the transition from 4th to 5th edition).

I have no problem with this.

Counter intuitive indeed, If I were to do such a character I would change book learner for study bonus. But again I'm not really bothered by the combo anyway as it has no consequence in roleplay.

personal starting build points (raided from paren's lab):
Rego summae Level 20 quality 11 (31 points)
Mentem Summae level 20 quality 11 (31 points)
vim tractus: quality 11 (11 points)
10 pawns creo vis (2 points)

Advancement through spring 1221:
Spring 1220:
learn Parma Magica (21 xp)
Summer 1220:
Read Libire de Limine- 19 xp Ignem, 1 xp In, 1 xp Re
Autumn 1220:
Read Libire de Limine- 19 xp Ignem, 1 xp In, 1 xp Re
Winter 1220:
Read Unleashing the Grim - 18 XP Perdo, 1 Ig, 1 AU, 1 He, 1 Te
Spring 1221:
read Creo Summae - 18 xp Creo, 1 ig, 1 au, 1 he, 1 te

Spring 1220:
set up lab (exposure single weapon)
Summer 1220:
set up lab (exposure single weapon)
Autumn 1220:
Read Summary of Aristotle's Physics: 10 xp philosophae
Winter 1220:
Read How to Control Magic: 11 xp finesse
Spring 1220: Aid Gavin in Lab (exposure single weapon)

Finn: (advancement for 1220)
learn Latin from Alister (21 xp Latin), Teaching (4 points), 2 seasons exposure Latin (working as scribe)

Duncan: (advancement for 1220)
1 season Aquatic Members of the Magical Animal Kingdom (10 xp magic lore), 1 season: Magic Theory: a Primer (11 xp magic theory), 2 seasons exposure Latin