Anima Inner Heartbeasts

So this question came up almost a year ago but to avoid thread necromancy (like the good folks on the Burning Wheel forum taught me):

What are some ideas not in the book for “elements” that one could become?

One that interests me is sand. I’m imagining a beast composed of constantly shifting sand particles but I’m really unsure how to represent that mechanically. Would it make them nearly immune to damage with swords just traveling through them? That seems to powerful so maybe a “regenerates while in sandy terrain, sort of effect?

Another idea I’ve had was “if shadow is acceptable, what about light?” No idea how that one might work though.

Anyway, just some thoughts I’ve had, I’d love to hear your ideas either for other interesting “elements” or how to implement any ideas proposed.

Here’s a link to the short list proposed almost a year ago:

Broadly, I'd go as the book suggests and base other forms of anima heartbeasts on the four presented in the book.

Sand would play very similarly to water and shadow very similarly to air. You'd make some minor differences. So maybe shadow can only move 2 dimensionally on a surface and resists wind for instance.

You can make it much more complex if you wish but really the basic four can be reworked with very minor tweaks.

Other ideas for animas off the top of my head:
Storm anima - made up of clouds and flashing lightning
Light anima - Burning so bright its hard to look at

Iron is a classic, but mechanically is probably like stone. With a really fun fae interaction.

Any other metal could work too.

Also, lightning rocks. I agree.

“As transform to water” is a pretty terrible way to do water, let alone sand, because you aren’t a puddle (or pile), you are a majestic beast of water. At the very least it requires further discussion with the SG about how being an animal made of water is different than being a puddle.

A stallion made of lightning. A shark made of bloody sea foam. A dog made of smoke. MAGMA SNAKE! Or, you know, a lizard made of poisonous fumes. A hawk made out of pure wind, nearly invisible.


Sand being pretty much immune to ordinary physical weapons isn't a problem: By the time a magus reaches that level, he can already laugh at such feeble threats through any number of means.

Regeneration might be more of an issue: Fast healing in AM is expensive.

I endorse your original thought, which really does feel like a sand animal.

(Or, if your Major Flaw is Blatant Gift you can go with the ability to teleport anywhere because, you know, sand... It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere....)



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What would be the effect if a Bjornaer magus with Elemental Magic initiated the Mystery of the Anima, since (s)he views them as "a connected whole"?

Could you have an inner Heartbeast composed of raw magic/Vim/Warping? What about Glamour or Vitality? Is there some form of Empyreal matter? What about Tainted matter, if a magus accidentally consumed tainted Vis of some form for the Initiation Script?

If wood is an option, choosing a type that produces resin/incense could be interesting?

An anima Heartbeast with Inscription on the Soul could allow for some fun with S/M bonuses?

Edit : How are rainbows perceived in Mythic Europe? Could you have a rainbow anima Heartbeast? What about whatever a phantasticum is made out of? "Physical" Nightwalking and literally throwing yourself into Certamen...

Elemental I would assume you'd have to choose one or, rather, a single combination such as Fire and Earth/Water (forget which it is) for Magma, that sort of thing.

Warping I don't think so but "magic" as a element, sure. This would be something along the lines of becoming a spirit, IMO.

Unsure if you'd get the S/M bonuses since you'd probably need to be in your human form to do lab work but maybe there's a way.