Animae Magic

So I've tried doing a little research on the forums in regards to this. I wasn't able to find anything I felt really went into detail about what I'm looking into.

For any who are interested, I'm trying to design MuHe animae spells to animate masks. I am certain I had seen a character built in one of the splat books that had animae magic and it described a faerie he makes, anyone who knows which book please let me know. I'm also wondering if when you make a faerie if it should be up to the GM or the players and GM to design the faeries. Also if there are any guidelines anyone has as a suggestion for making Animae based faeries.

I'm sure I have more questions, however I'm currently about to go eat and my brain isn't coming up with more.
Thanks for any and all input.


The book you are looking for is Tales of Power, the Magus's writeup is spread throughout pages 121-124.

I'd be very interested to see what you come up with.


AH THANKS! I kept looking through the tribunal books as well as Legends and Magi. XD