Animals and Souls

Odd question... I recall reading somewhere that there is no Puppy Heaven. Since animals have no souls, when they die, they just die. So how about a resurrected animal? Is it the same animal or would you need to start all over since the soul wouldn't carry over anything from the previous life? And what if the animal was dead for a month or twelve?

Don't ask...

No soul. No problem here

However, an animal might have a spirit. Or so I think. No hard rules here. If you get the spirit back you can get the animal back. if the spirit does not return (has dissolved, refuses to return to a dead body....) you have... something else. So story-driven effect.


Hmm... animal spirit, I missed that.

So a simple ring/ward around the dead body could hold the spirit in place until you got around to the resurrection.

yopu still need to convince the spirit that resurrecting is a good idea. And the sprit might simply dissolve if it was not a strong one or decides that his time to pass away has really come. That is what I was trying to say :slight_smile: The option and the certainty are 2 different things :slight_smile: Hence the story dependence