Animals associated with winter, cold and paralysis

Hi there,

I am still in the process of narrowing down the areas of expertise/interest of my maga for the andorra saga. I am starting to look at cold effects more closely as a way of achieving the target of both killing AND trapping beasts (the idea to render them unconscious is very good).

I also aim to be a shapeshifter, so I was looking at effects that could relate to paralysis, winter and cold.

.... and I wouyld like your help in having a small list of animals related to those effects. I prefer predators, but not need to be exclusive here

My first pseudo-list would start like this:

  • WOLF: one of the paramount animals associated with winter.
  • SNAKE: paralysis. Cold blooded. Not strictly related to cold, but it is appropriate
  • ERMINE: an other animal traditionally associated with the winter season.

Any birds there? Any other suggestions?



The Lynx is another European animal built for winter. It can actually walk on top of the snow without sinking.

Other animals associated with the cold/winter months would include:

The owl
The hare/jackrabbit

Coyotes are only found naturally in North America. The Arctic Fox can be found in the most northern regions of the globe including Eurasia. Lemmings are common rodents in Scandinavia. The wolverine is also a possibility.

Very true. I just through the coyote in for effect :wink:

However, unless Octavian is predisposed to mindlessly following the crowd and/or has deep-seated suicidal tendencies, I'd probably avoid any association with lemmings as an animal of choice. :wink:

Raven/Crow (thrive in cold areas even when other birds migrate).
Weasel/Polecat (bite is said to paralyze frogs, probably true in ME).
Glutton (found only in the coldest corners of ME).
Spider (many species encase their prey in webs or have paralyzing bites).

Eep! double-post.

Peregrine Falcons are also associated with winter climates.

Regarding Lemmings, check this out:

How about seals or polar bears? Walrus?

My ice maga flambeau hoplite has an arctic fox as familiar.

I am looking at disquieting animals: creatures that can make you feel ill at ease if they look at you if possible. You people, have given me quite a few examples of that.

For a winter shapeshifter let's see if you consider this list kosher:

  • Wolf
  • Raven/crow (raven is the big one, right? I always mix those)
  • Lynx
  • Owl

Falcons sound cool, but dunno if they are found in southern climates (Pyrenees) or if they stay around a lot or they migrate

Weasels also fit, but they lack the eyes: all of the above are disquieting (piercing gaze, anyone?) because of their eyes, specially at night.

The cold thing has made my discard snakes and spiders. They do not fit in a winter theme. Cold blood could end up fitting, but it is not the first thing you think about when you think about "cold"

The list sounds OK?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Lemmings come from beyond the Lunar Sphere, that's some sexy right there.

(Seriously, lemmings are folklorisitically believed to fall from space.)

A modern myth, I'm afraid, that lemmings are suicidal, perpetuated by Disney (

On topic, the wolf was believed to have a paralysing stare, but only if it saw you before you saw it. If you sight it first, then the wolf is paralysed instead.


Yup, I am aware of that. Magical wolves might be slightly less susceptible to such drawbacks, though :stuck_out_tongue:



And now you mixed them up again. :wink: Crows are definetly bigger than ravens.

Very "winter-suitable", like a big cat with huge paws, very shy and an effective hunter.

Thanks for the Lemming info, never really researched the critters before.

As for the peregrine falcon, apparently it has a wide distribution throughout many climates but IS known to be a permanent resident in mild winter climates like continental Europe. The wiki on it says:

Polar Bear
Musk Ox
Snowy Owl

Save for the unlikelyhood of most people even knowing what a polar bear is outside the northermost scandic or perhaps Novgorod tundra regions.

Otherwise also a very good suggested list of animals as well ^^

I missed the part about it being set in Iberia. All of mine would be critters from Finland and other Scandinavia areas.

Iberia. Ah.

would seem especially appropriate.

And the recently extinct pyreneean mountain goat, perhaps? (bucardo)

Erm, no. The raven has a wingspan up to 130cm, whereas the European carrion crow - has only a 100cm wingspan. That's a difference of a foot, for those who are metrically challenged :slight_smile:


Guess i only ever seen small ravens and big crows then. Never seen a raven bigger than a middlish to large crow.
Plenty of both where i used to live, though still some here as well.
Hmm minor correction though, mainly Grey crow(Hooded Crow? ) rather than Black Crow (Carrion Crow ).

Better metrically "challenged" than obsolete, inconsistent and sanity challenged.