Animals in Ars Magica

In the new version am working on, it's listed as a common barn owl.

I have come across a case where there's official stats for an animal, but I've come across fan-made stats that I feel capture the essence of said animal better. I want to include both versions in the document, and am not sure how to mark them differently.

List both along with references. This is a fox per book XYZ, this is an alternate fox per user Mustermann. Same as there are stats of like 6 types of dogs.

I found out some animal stats have been copied wrong into the document, and looks like the latest Errata made some changes to some animal stats.
So I plan to revisit the file and update it, but it's a good chance to add more stats, so if anyone has an animal they'd like stats for, speak up.


Thank you, the files are very useful in my saga. Being an animal specialist makes It invaluable.

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Need any specific animal stats?

We're into cold climate (Scandinavia) so anything from there would be nice !

Just curious, any news on that updated version?

Last one I managed to find was 1.5

It has been on the back burner for a while now. Am trying to find the time to move it forward. It might not have as many extra animals as i originally planned, but it will be an update.


Thanks for the update. :smile: