Animals in Ars Magica

As a new player to Ars Magica, I find it hard that there aren't enough stats for various animals. I have combed the various PDFs i have, and scavenged some stats from the forum, and a few other locations, but I'm considering creating stats for various animals.

So, my question is this:
What animals would you like to see stated up?


snakes, fox, aurochs (they went extinct in the 17th century so are still around in 1220), various deer, different fishes especially giant river catfish. Maybe I will think of more by tomorrow.

Fox appears in Between Sand and Sea

Hmm. Are there stats for dolphins and sharks and giant squid??

More birds of prey. The pdf mundane animals is nice, but almost everything ends up being a falcon...

There's a template for a fish, plus suggestions for how to modify it for various variaties, on page 58 of Mythic Locations. A dolphin and an octopus is included, but not a shark.

Lands of the Nile has stats for a "scorpion fish" (a 20 foot long horror with spines) on pg 97, with suggestions that they can also be used for a large shark. There's also the Heartbeast of Hilda Oddfish on page 14 of Mythic Locations, although that has been modified by the Mystery of the Epitome. I have a feeling there might be another set of shark statistics somewhere else as well, but I can't remember where.

Lands of the Nile and Between Sand and Sea between them have a fair number of animals you'd find in North Africa. Including giant snakes.

There are suggestions for modifying the Falcon template for different Birds of Prey in Lords of Men (pg 59). Lords of Men also have combat stats for different prey animals (but not full blocks of stats), along with stats for different types of hunting hounds, horses, a squirrel, magpie and monkey.

The Cradle and the Crescent has some stats for arabic birds of prey (pg 106).


I like the approach taken by the Ars Magica line -- stat one animal (e.g. a falcon) and suggest how to change it into related animals (e.g. an eagle); there are many more animals "indirectly statted" in the books than one might guess at first sight.

One statting exercise I would very much love would be that of horses. We have the stats for a basic horse, but how does that change if you are looking at a European stallion bred for war, vs. a purebred arabian, vs. an old nag?

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Look at LoM p.55-56. They provided a whole bunch of variants.


I think the bigger problem is that all the information is scattered across quite a few different books. I think, if it were all collected together, the fully statted ones, the variants, and the ones with just a few notes, it would look like a pretty good collection of animals.


Thanks! Some of them i didn't even know about, and it was great to find out!

My plan is to gather all the various animal stats, expand the written variants into their own entries, so it's more visually visible, and to post this, or a link to it, on these forums.
And to stat animals still missing.


Noting this would be something good to collect, here is a beginning of a list. I've gone through over 30 books so far. Hopefully I didn't miss anything in those books, but if you spot something please let me know if I did. I marked three non-real-but-"mundane" ones with asterisks; at least two are worth including because they get adjusted to make real ones. Hmm... It could be worth examining some Animals of Virtue, as they might give help toward stats for mundane animals, such as the Eider Duck of Virtue on p.60 of Mythic Locations.






  • P.46 notes on apes
  • P.136 Dromedary Camel
    Adjustments for Riding Camel, War Camel, Bactrian Camel
  • P.137 Painted Dog
  • P.138 Fennec Fox
    Adjustments for Sand Fox
  • P.138 Goat
    Adjustments for bigger males, Mouflon, Ibex, Barbary Sheep, and general Sheep
  • P.139 Hyena
  • P.140 Jackal
  • P.140 Waral Lizard
  • P.141 Ostrich
  • *P.141 Monstrous Scorpion (oversized version of common scorpion)
    Notes that actual black scorpions would be size -8
    Information on swarms
  • P.142 Rhinocerous
  • P.143 Vulture





  • P.66 Sarda Whale




  • P.124 Adding insects to the categories available from HoH:MC
  • P.124 minimal stats for Wasp
  • P.124 minimal stats for Butterfly
  • P.124 minimal stats for Ant
  • P.124 minimal stats for Dung Beetle


  • P.38 The Outer Heartbeast includes Size, Qualities, etc. for a stag, and more can be back-calculated from the base stats on p.37.




  • P.44 Scorpion Swarm
  • P.44 rules for swarms
  • P.105 Large Fish
  • P.105 Large Shark


  • P.45 Magpie
  • P.45 Monkey
  • P.45 Squirrel
  • P.50 Lymer, Alaunt, Greyhound, Running Dog, Mastiff
  • P.55-56 Destrier, Courser/Rouncey, Palfrey or Jennet, Hackney, Fell Pony or Icelandic Pony
    P.57 includes notes about horse carrying capacities
  • P.58 minimal stats for Partridge
  • P.58 minimal stats for Hare
  • P.58 minimal stats for Duck
  • P.58 minimal stats for Goose
  • P.58 minimal stats for Pheasant
  • P.58 minimal stats for Heron
  • P.58 minimal stats for Crane
  • P.59 Gyrfalcon
    Adjustments for Peregrine Falcon, Goshawk, Merlin, Lanner, Sparrowhawk


  • P.18 Hippopotamus
  • P.19 Crocodile
  • P.20 Elephant
    Adjustments for female elephants
  • P.21 Mongoose
  • P.22 Hyena
  • P.22 Baboon
    Adjustments for Cercopithecus, Callithrix, and Sphinx
  • P.23 Ostrich
  • *P.23 Elephant-Eating Serpent
  • *P.97 Scorpion Fish
    Adjustments for shark


  • P.10 Asp
  • P.10 Bat
  • P.10-11 Camel
  • P.11 Crocodile
  • P.11-12 Lion
  • P.19 The magical tortoise includes Size, Animal Qualities, etc. for a tortoise.
  • P.55 The magical grouse includes Size, Animal Qualities, etc. for a grouse.
  • P.99 The magical spider includes Animal Qualities, etc. for a spider.


  • P.57 Puffin (remove the warping)
  • P.58 generic fish
    Adjustments for Crab, Dogfish, Dolphin, Eel, Grey Mullet, Mackerel, Octopus, Salmon, Sole
  • P.60 Grey Seal
  • P.108 Goblin Rat
  • P.141 Wolf and Large Wolf


  • P.84 Adds the Fins quality, which should probably be given to a number of fish which don't have it but are assumed to.
  • P.84 Update to the Venemous quality so that some things can be more or less poisonous than others.







  • P.104 Adjustments for Arabian Steeds
  • P.104 Adjustments for Saluqi (dog breed)
  • P.153 Hyrcanian Tiger (notes to adjust the magical one to non-magical)
  • P.155 Persian Gazelle
  • P.170 Bactrian Camel
    Adjustments for Bactrian Pack Camel, Wild Bactrian Camel, War Camel
  • P.173 Asian Elephant
    Adjustments for male elephant and War Elephant
  • P.177 Adjustments for Golden Eagle





  • P.120 Rules for swarms
  • P.120 Spider Swarm

That is incredibly useful. Thank you for sharing.

Wow, thank you so much, it's a huge help!

This is to follow on what I've yet to do from callen's list

I'll try to add some more later. I left out HoH:MC and core / RoP:M / Book of Mundane Beasts since those are the obvious two sets.

There are a few errors, like the boar and the wolf.

I have gathered all the animals from the official books, and did my best to try and stat the variants. I do believe there may be a few mistakes, since only when i was halfway through, I realized that size, and the changes in Quickness and Strength affect the combat stats.

Will give this another pass, before I start adding in more animals, and turning the minimal stats we have for some animals, into full stat block.


I've been updating my post above. Something that might also be useful is that there are several Bjornaer Outer Heartbeasts listed. Those don't get refined. Sometimes there may be Characteristic replacement, so that would need to be considered. V/F can be checked against the character's base V/F. I doubt writers increased animal-form Abilities for Inner Heartbeasts.

I did spot at least the spider swarm I added above isn't in there. I think of got most of a stag from an Inner Heartbeast by referring to Hooks p.37-38.

Also, I'd like to suggest not qualifying all sorts of non-falcons as falcons. Falcons are a very small group of raptors. Hawks, eagles, kites, buzzards, harriers, vultures, ospreys, and owls do not fit into that group. If vulture and owl are separate from falcon, doing so with others would be wise; even more so considering pony is listed separately from horse and dog is listed separately from wolf.

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Magi of Hermes has a few : asp, bat, camel, crocodile, lion, starting at page 10.

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