Animated Trees and other Plants...

Can anyone give me some good examples of how to build a Animated Tree. I have read though the ROP:M a few times. The single ONE example left me a bit disappointed. It clearly states to build them as Things, but in order to get them to attack you have to have a "spirit" do Manifestation? How is that a single entity? Or bother with size associated to it's might. Even so that means a 2 year old sapling does the same damage as a 100 year old oak, which has much more mass. i.e. size +1 vs size +5 Even if the tree is self animating through the guide lines of Manifestation how to I get variety? Or even bother giving it stats. I am thinking I might need to use the animal rules and call it a plant. Given I am looking for a next level aggressive kind of plant. Part of this got started trying to build Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors. hehehe... Also this is not for the mundane side of things, more something you might bump into on higher level Realm traveling. Thoughts? References? Other threads I have not found yet?

RoP:M p.32f Magic Things are indeed dependent on surroundings or adiacent entities - like a magus enchanting or a spirit animating them - to develop.
If this doesn't match your plans and the tree needs more autonomy: would a crazed RoP:M p.92 Loamwalker inhabiting Audrey II do for you?

You can scale the p.129 box Animated Tree following HoH:MC p.39 box Creatures of Non-Standard Size, and you can also add some HoH:MC p.40ff Qualities to it.


Cursewood (Mythic Locations) had some corrupted trees (p. 45) that you might be able to get some ideas from.

I do not have Mythic Locations yet. But the title reads well. But One Shot above, that is still a combined effort. And it moves things back to the human form casting spells to get what I want. I am looking more in the Monster side of things like trees/plants of stories...

That is why I thought it might be better to build them as "Animals" with more flaws to get the limitations needed. That way when the troop manages to go to fairy lands or powerful magic realms I have something for them to watch out for besides critters. Or help, like a fairy story line of the troop helping a stand of aware trees with the feel of wizard of oz, i.e. talking with a brain cell to rub together, but limited motion. Help fight off some super aggressive vines that has been killing them off over the years. In return they get some Vis fruit freely given or information to progress through the story line.

The Magical Garden of Herisson section of LoH has several plants created as magical things.

Woot. thanks, Jason72. Dodder almost fits perfect of one of the concepts I had in mind. The sprout Limbs is exactly the attack I was trying to build. Not being sure how to approach it. I was trying to use Coils of the entangling plants spell as my base. Crab Apple looks like a good one to see how to do limb attacks. I had started skimming this book, but Stripes and the rules for growing vis gave me a headache and never got to the good stuff I see.