Anno Magica 2024

The community could do these on the open license!


Is there any way that people can help?


Fantastic, I'm a fan of backerkit and have less issues as a buyer than Kickstarter.

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People have already helped a great deal, with the errata discussions. We will be asking for further input.


Remember that the unsung hero of quality books is the binding.

Even if Altas does well on that front, I wish it could be a stretch goal or the root element of a luxury edition.


For a book the size of an greatly expanded 5e, which will be referenced as often as the core rules will be, I would consider a Smythe-sewn binding a must.


I, for one, am looking forward to what you might create when it’s possible to write and sell supplements through the licensing, Timothy!

Being able to buy a published PoD book of your (hopefully combined) Cornwall and covenant books would be wonderful.


Has anything been said about whether the licensing will cover only the rules, or will also cover Mythic Europe and the Order of Hermes?

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The current core rulebook includes basic material on the Order and Mythic Europe, so I'd expect it to be included. However, much of the material on the Order, the names of most of its key covenants and the foibles of each regional Tribunal, is in other books. Whether we can use that will depend on whether material is added to the core, or if those books are re-released under open licence.


We are still refining exact plans, but licensed matter will definitely include setting as well as rules. We want third parties to be able to make and sell adventures, sourcebooks, remixes, variant settings, variant rules, novels, comics,... without needing any individual negotiated license from us.


And with that my “unpublishable” Ars novel just became publishable.

Thanks John!


When we've talked (internally) about open licensing ArM, your novel proposal in fact is one of the examples I pull out as "we need to make it easy for this sort of thing to happen."


241 days... why 9/11? It's got some unhappy associations.

This is what we actually entered in backerkit:

The system requires is to choose a date and time. I think a countdown is the only thing that is public-facing.

Actual launch date is subject to change, but within our master schedule of things for the year, including crowdfunding days, this is a likely target. If not Sept. 10th, I'm going to tell you on the sly that it is very probably going to be on a Tuesday at 10 AM central within the four weeks after that.

We would have preferred to say "this fall!" but the BackerKit Launch system requires specificity, even if subject to change.


I agree, Michael, that it will need Smythe-sewn binding. (Unless we wind up presenting it as a hand-carbed ebony box of embossed copper sheets or something, which is highly unlikely, but I don't want to preclude any possibilities.)

I'd like us to settle on production details that will be known (and budgeted and quoted from printers) from the start, not contingent on stretch goals.


This is why you go with 9/9 or 10/10. Because October 9th and September 10th are confusingly similar. :-J

Give me ISO date format or death. :exploding_head:


I’ve been a backer on at least one Backerkit campaign - the Laws of the Night one by By Night Studios. It seems to be going quite smoothly.


What's your take on the Tremere / OoH / Doisettep trademarks? Are you swapping them out?


And, just to be clear, right now we think CC BY-SA is the best way to achieve that, but the goal is what is important, not the particular license. We (they?*) are still looking at the details of the licenses and what their practical implications are. If another license is a better way to achieve the goal, we will use another license.

*My position here is ambiguous. I am not an Atlas employee, and my current contract is to produce the text for ArM5D, not the rest of it. John and Michelle will be making all the final decisions on these issues. But, unsurprisingly, I am involved in the discussions.

Well, not quite yet… :wink: