annonymous posting?

Several times I've had a question, or wanted feed back from the forum about planned events in my game, however I don't want to tip off my players before hand.

Is it possible to change the set up so there is a post annonymously button after you log in? The account details would be saved in the background if spam tracking was required, but the user name wouldn't show.

Hi there. That's an interesting question ... I'll forward it to our webmaster to see if it's possible, but we at Atlas would also need to make the decision about whether it's something we want to allow from a policy perspective, too.

What I'd suggest doing for now is just setting up a second username that your players don't know about. You'll need to use a different email for it, since each email address is only allowed one account, but you can easily set up a hotmail account for it.

Good luck!