Please try to post a character sheet this weekend. (Everyone's concepts are approved at this point.)

Our first story will begin Sunday evening. If your character isn't done by then, you'll either start right out of Gauntlet (if your character is approved but hasn't completed advancement), or you'll have to join the saga later on (if your character isn't approved at all - I'm looking at the hedgies!).

Additionally, I updated the House Rules (first post in the House Rules & Posting Guidelines thread). --9/10, 2:15pm PDT

Please start designing a Companion character and a few grogs that you'd like to play.

Companions should have some connection either to the covenant itself or to an individual magus, but should be independent, not beholden to any one individual.

For grogs, please have one military-minded grog suitable for work as a shield grog, and one craftsman or other skilled worker. You can make as many grogs as you like, though please keep in mind that the covenant's finances may not be able to support many highly skilled specialists, so some of those grogs may take time to be introduced to the covenant.

Please post your spring and summer seasonal activities in the next 48 hours. Next chapter will begin Friday.

I edited the Character Briefs to be... well, brief. Anything I removed from your Brief, I edited into your Character Sheets.

Also: Saga full. Saga very, very full.

Anyone who is interested in participating could do vignettes or cameos (such as my friend Cedric's occasional appearances as Lamentus), or could play a Companion and/or grogs.

I updated the Covenant thread and organized it. Let me know if I broke anything.