Atlas Games is REALLY REALLY pleased to announce the opening our our brand new forums! They feature:

  • All the old threads imported over, easily searchable and ready for new posts. To post or reply, you just need to log in.
  • All the old accounts imported over, so that old users just need to change their passwords to log in. New users can create an account.
  • All the old Play by Post games imported over. These are read-only by default, but players can join the Play by Post Players group to post/reply. GMs can email forum@atlas-games.com with a request to join the Play by Post GMs group for editing privileges.
  • No ads, in lieu of Patreon support. It took a lot of staff time to resurrect the forum, and we'd love it if you could support us for $1 month, but we won't limit usage if you can't.

Enjoy the new forum!!!


I can't believe I actually got the whole old forum moved over. It took DAYS of processing for it to import. Literally, it ran all weekend. I had to upgrade our account part way through because it ran out of RAM while processing. The sql backup alone was 400 MB. But it worked! Woot!!!

-Michelle Nephew


Jack Miskelly is our first ever Patron. Thanks Jack!!!

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Thank you very much for bringing this back. I really appreciate all your hard work! Thanks.

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This is SO fantastic!
I can't tell you how much, we, as fans, appreciate your bringing the forums back!
I knew a long time ago that I had lost some of the things I'd posted, and honestly I couldn't figure out where I had posted them, because I didn't realize that the Atlas Forums had sort of evaporated.

So, imagine my surprise when I got an email that said "Atlas Games forums" … I barely read the title while I was licking "delete", and then my brain went, "Wait … what'd that say?"

I haven't ever been able to find a reliable place to talk about Nyambe, so, I'm hoping that there'll be other people like me who get an email, and come looking for it!
Thank you again for doing this!!
In case no one's told you today … y'all are simply made of awesome!

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It's good to see these back. Thank you for all the hard work.



Well now that I'm using them a bit more, there is a major drawback: they are a lot less readable & user friendly than the older forums. That's too bad.

Seeing little avatars image in threads list for "who has posted there" is less important to anyone than using all the space on the screen. (See the text in any thread taking like 1/3 of the width of my screen? I don't know how it use by you...)

Hi @ExarKun ... we can do quite a bit of customizing of the forums. Feel free to send a list of specific changes you'd like to see, and I'll see if they're possible.

HI Michelle, I'm not sure because what I want is maybe something all others don't want (so I would love to have options) but (and sorry because English is not my primary language):
PLease note that the critics are mainly aimed at the ones who designed this forum-type. (And maybe the ones who choose it :D).

  • the fact that "post's background" is white, while the screen is white is confusing. See this printscreen from another forum (phpbb like I use since 2005) and another (from 2001):


in both cases, it is very easy to know where the post starts and ends.

  • Other is this:

All that place in red is lost.

I know i can extend by using the arrow but then:

Why use vertical separation? are we in a time where texts are no longer sentences put one after the other, but bullet pointed onlY? ...

(For this particular reply, I don't have any problem, because I'm exactly doing that, bulletpointing things)

Besides, where is the separation line? where are the colors of the background?
I can't see where the windows for writing starts and ends... and why, again, the lost place?

I was finishing my thread and realised even that in posting here, i'm not sure where the writing area starts and ends:

red borders are from me, just to show what i mean.

Who writes left and read right? When you put images (like in this post...) you are not even looking at the same place in both columns (using the auto-scroll function by default...)

But then, maybe i will "hide preview".. and use all the place to write my post. If that's what it takes... so let's hide!

No auto-extension of the width of the post area? WQhy does the "hide preview" button even exist then... for mobile users? If this forum is thought for mobile users, ok, but I'm not a mobile user and never will be. So I woul opt out because like is said in English "***** I'm out of this ***". (No insult, just making the joke here.)

What are this thing? Am I on facebook?
I want to see categories and not "what i missed in the last few hours", thank you.

IN the old forum, there was a button "see new replies". It is something I like... WHEN i want to use it. Not something by default each time I visit the forums.

"2/ week" in "official announcements", what is this? statistics? who cares. We are not there to make the record explose.

And that brings me to:

  • achievements.
    Yes... there are achievements on a forum. Seriously? ...
    Why does that even exist? are people so craving for "doing something of their life" that they need to earn achievement while participating in a forum. I'm like "Am I a 10 years old or what?"

  • this list of thread:

    Lost space on sides. I don't need to know the images of posters (I don't care for who posts in a thread, and besides, if I cared, I'd know their names, not their images which they can change when they want).
    Statistics, again, who cares?

However, I don't see when was the last answer.
I don't see that there is new posts. (Is that the red dot?)
I don't know WHO asked the question (remember old forum when a thread started by abe was sure to be full of joke and good mood), neither WHEN (are these threads fresh, or from 15 years with threadomancy)?

  • mails: I received a mail to warn me you answered here. Good, older forum did that too when you "subscribed" to a thread.
    But really:

who need to know that they were answering?

Maybe this is parametrable but seriously I spent 10 minutes yesterday in the menu trying to make my profile what I'd want, and did find NO option useful at all.

  • and there is

    When you use your mouse to underline the text (because you are lost with the missing background cadre helping to keep your eye in the right place), the "quote" button appears and prevent you from reading what is under... really?

And did you see the "time line" on the side? who needs that? "oh today, i'll only read what has been posted 15 days ago. Not before, not after, thank you."

I really have troubles to see what this forum brings new and useful, but I see many things it lost from the older -simpler-clearer forum.

And to answer, there ISN'T. You have to go back to mini-reply mode to answer. Speak about a loss of time!

  • since it's a super-newer forum I expect it to have basic feature. Let's say, where is my spoiler button.

[SPOILER]Darth vader is Luke's father [/spoiler]
[spoiler]Daenarys dies at the hand of John snow![/spoiler]

We will see if these exist or not.
I guess not.

  • Patrons, what are those? it's explained where?
    Are those moderators? admins? what purpose does that serve?

Are they saying the RAW? are they the "ars magica expert" from whom I should always take the answer with more value than from a "non" patron?

  • the "top" list in forums. Why? What is a top "the more flooded post", "the better content"? who decide? I guess it's a "achievement" thing again.

Well I wrote all I could in the time I have, but you get my point.

In a short answer: this forum decides FORM is more useful than CONTENT. I do not agree, and never will.
I think that those are not "bad" if I can personalise my own experience to have more "content-orientated" forum. I don't want achievement, want a normal-sized writing area, and if preview should be, I want to be able to put it horizontally and not vertically, or even, like in the older forum, in a button-chosen new window.

What is however super is that you brought back the old threads. That is respectful and so I can only say "I" do not like this new things (unless it's personalisable, but I did not find where).

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Thanks for the details! It helps a lot to know exactly what problems you're having. And I CAN actually change some of this ...

I'll experiment with the post background color. I can remove the posts on the front page ... but this is a big change so I think a poll of users to see if they like it better would only be fair. I can add a plugin for the spoilers feature, and I'm working on one to add more BBCodes, too.

This will take some time, though, so please be patient.

But fundamentally, you're right that Discourse is geared for cell phones. I'm afraid the empty space issues are due to that, and not something I can easily change. I'll look for ways to display more actual info in the list of threads, and ways to let users customize things, but I'm not sure I can change that, either.

Lastly, Patrons are a group of those who have pledged a monthly donation to help support the forums, at https://www.patreon.com/atlasgames ... They get a Patron title, the little money icon, and Trust Level 4. You can see all the forum groups at https://forum.atlas-games.com/g

I hope this helps!

I love that you have given so many detailed thoughts, ExarKun.

One thing I wanted to mention that I like about the fixed column width (which leads to the whitespace to the left and right of the main text column) is that it looks to me like it's calculated to preserve the optimal line length for ease of reading.

Briefly: If lines are too long, it's heard for your eye to find the next line. If lines are too short, you have to bounce lines too often.

Less briefly:

Anyway: I realize that's only one of the things you wrote about, I just thought I'd jump in about something I particularly like.

Thanks for joining us here!

No problem guys.

My critics were only to provide details as to why I felt... strange / not at ease (? don't know the word to describe my "not feeling good" feeling) about this new forum.

I'll continue coming here and all, but at the moment, I feel like I use more time to do (read/answer) what I used to do, for the same (or less) quality of result/life.

Jeff, I have really no problem if that's something I can parameter in my profile; but as far as i know, it's not.
I understand how too long line are a problem, but currently the width is too small for me. Like I said on my screen, the line make +40% of the width (feeling measure : i didn't count). From what I remember, the old forum did take more. (Maybe all page? not sure).

Maybe the white background of forum on white background of post make that space bigger for me.

Hi there. I just tried changing the background color of the posts, and I'm sorry to say it looked awful. In other forums I've seen, they sometimes alternate background color of posts to delineate between them, but there's no way for me to do that in this forum ... it's all the posts or nothing. So when colored they run together the same way they do on white, with no improvement. I'm afraid the grey horizontal lines, headers, and footers for the posts are the best we can do. Sorry.

In more positive news, I did add the BBCodes and spoilers, and took down the posts on the front page. A poll about the front page posts is running now, so be sure to vote!