Announcing Project: Redcap 3.0!

The Project: Redcap volunteers are pleased to announce that we've migrated Project: Redcap to the MediaWiki engine. We call this Project: Redcap 3.0 (where 2.0 was the previous Redcap wiki). The new wiki engine will provide an easier-to-use and more familiar user interface as well as new and powerful management tools for the maintainers.

Effective immediately, the new wiki is available at the normal Project: Redcap address,

[size=150]Impact of the Change[/size]
The Project: Redcap maintainers believe this change will make it easier to find information on our site, and easier to create pages. Unfortunately, it was not practical to migrate the user database, so people with existing user accounts will need to create new ones. The new wiki also supports anonymous editing, so you do not need an account to edit the pages.

[size=150]Our Mission[/size]
Project: Redcap is is an online reference for fans of the Ars Magica roleplaying game. It has two related goals.

  1. Provide a centralized place where visitors can browse and find links to as much Ars Magica material as possible, in as many languages as possible. We want to be, as Project: Redcap's founder put it, "the crossroads of the Order." We want to link to everything related to Ars Magica, without passing judgment on the importance or quality of the site.
  2. Be a guide and companion for the rules and game world of Ars Magica, providing useful rules summaries, examples, and commentaries on topics from across the game's extensive product line.

[size=150]Project: Redcap Needs Your Help![/size]
Since 2005, when Andrew Gronosky took over maintenance of Project: Redcap, we have had comparatively few new external links added to Project: Redcap. In fact, we lost links to a great many Ars Magica pages when the free Web-hosting service GeoCities shut down in 2009. Although the Redcap wiki has been slowly expanding to support the second mission of Project: Redcap, the overall number of working links has declined substantially.

Simply put, we need contributions from the community in order to survive and thrive. If you own or know of an Ars Magica Web site, please add a link to it to Project: Redcap. If you don't want to edit the wiki yourself, use our contact form at and a maintainer will add the link for you. We know the fan community is alive and well, and with your help we can keep Project: Redcap a valuable asset for that community.

We welcome any contributions, large or small. If you would like to get involved in the project, please visit our community portal at ... ity_portal

I write most of my campaign materials (characters, items, creatures, covenants, rules clarifications, house rules, etc) in google docs. Usually I make them viewable to anyone with the link.

What is the best/easiest way to share these materials with Project Redcap? The Covenant of the Wandering Path is an open house that wishes to work collaboratively with their sodales. We just don't publish as standard web pages.

Just added a link to my saga.

I created a wiki page for your Saga. You can now edit that page to add links to the documents you want to share. I would also suggest you add a link to the Wandering Path page to the regional Tribunal where your Saga is set. You can also link things like rules clarifications from the relevant page, so if you have a clarification on Multiple Casting, for example, you could add a link to your Google doc on that page.

Awesome thanks. Will do so. That is great, as editing the docs in multiple places would be a hassle.

Sigh. More work to do...

Sent you a link for my Hardwick Manor saga... and as soon as I get it re-posted I'll send you an updated link for my old Teml ar Fryn saga (the current link you have is dead).

I've put my little blog there. Good luck!