Another forms of Undead Creatures ( besides hermetic)

Good afternoon, in my reading of the Transylvanian court a paragraph caught my attention, on page 139 "Horror Plots" one of the tropes is the "horde" in which the idea of employing hordes of infernal or féerie beings in a hopeless environment is related and a detail that the text mentioned when it mentioned infernal beings, was about the use of reanimated corpses.

That is not important, it is just a context for the topic of the post,
What other types of physical undead creatures (ergo, not ghosts), besides those created by hermetic magic, are there?

I remember reading in the same manual about vampires, in the form of fairies and demons, my question is more if there are undead beings that can be used as cannon fodder, or non-core enemies in an adventure, things like zombies, skeletons and so on, something maybe a diablerist could create without using hermetic magic.

The two canon examples that spring to mind are the Infernal Revenants in Thrice-Told Tales and the Drowned Men in RoP:M. The latter are probably not suitable for canon fodder, though, as I don't know of any mortal magic to create them.

The faerie vampires do not sound like undead to me; the faeries playing the role of vampire sound as alive as any other faerie, which may or may not be considered alive in the normal sense of the word.

Non-core undead hordes methods show up in each of BS&S (some ancient one I forgot the name of), LotN (Corpse Magic, RM (Muspelli), and RoP:tI (Incantation/Consumption).

Depending on interpretation of canon, all of them. All the myths, bad spirits curdling milk, witches with the evil eye, if you set your campaign in the caribean, voodoo, it's all there.

Choose the undead you want to use from myth, it exists. The only question regarding canon and world consistency, is did the myth exist in the area your campaign is set in? That's not a serious barrier anyway. Prior Ars Majica editions had vampires, and they tend to show up later in mythology than the 1200s.

Undead with stats written up in source material is a different question....

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Yeah, IIRC I found some from the 4th ed book as stated enemies: skeleton and zombies, I think.

One physical undead that is canonical and non hermetic is the Draugr of Norse myth. (Draugr - Wikipedia)

Draugr are quite similar to Drowned Men, I think. In modern use of the word, draug or draugen, that's exactly what they are. In ancient myth, they could also be revenants residing in grave mounds, but as for Drowned men, I have never heard legends of people making draugr to use for canon fodder.

Should we count Vampires? Balkan is crawling with them of course, and besides! And they come in all sorts of varieties; Spiritual, Humanoid, Bestial (human-animal Hybrid), Animal Vampires, Vampiric Trees and plants. Faerie Wizardry would be able to create these with the Conjure power, as would Ars Fabulosa.

Rival Magic also more info on the Norse undead! You got Haugbui, they primarily stay within their barrows and guard their treasures. Aptgangur are undead that rise up to help their family, do chores, complete dangerous tasks for them, etc. Draugur are the kind to leave their barrows and cause harm to people. Draugur who was specifically raised by a sorcerer is a Dauding. Mechanically, they're all Revenants (see RoP:M) to my understanding. Daudings raised by Muspelli can be a terrifying powerhouse if the Muspelli is a Valgaldrar (Corpse Magic) specialist...