another new duration(tan)

tan-this duration lasts as long as the suntan on the mage lasts(could be pemanent time if the mage stays in the sun for a long enough period.)
tell me what you think of this duration please!

Out of morbid fascination, I am wondering if you would provide for us a list of all the durations you think are in the standard rules.

I think that this duration sucks.

Next question, please?


:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Runs off to British Columbia to hide as a Lumberjack....

Awww, Furion, where's your sense of adventure? :laughing:

Apparently in suspenders and a bra.... :laughing:

(Which would also leave amble room for a nice tan...)


Good duration, but its already covered: Until is in the rules.

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OH... That's terrifying!

I was wondering if he knew that... then I was distracted by the image of some crazy Danish guy in lingerie clinging to a tree. I had to go wash out my brain.

oops. double post! :open_mouth:


Furion, what kind of (iddle) pervert are you?!? :laughing:


PS: Wasn't there a supposedly Nazi version the Lumberjack song in German?

You didnt need to - the forecast tells of heavy showers...

And I do not think he knows, having made it clear on several occasions that he hasnt read nor plan to read the rules (including the free 4th ed).

A german version? I dont recalled having heard of it. But somehow it makes me think, coupling suspenders, Germans and English humour, of a certain Gestapo Helga last seen dining at the "Allo Allo".

I remember being warned as a kid that I'd get my hide taned if I misbehaved... This could pose some concentration issues for casting

Not Nazi, but Austrian and in German. It appeared in Monty Python’s Fliegender Zirkus, which was originally screened on West German TV. It was pretty much the same as the Lumberjack Song in English. To pinch from Wikipedia again:

I guess Austrian border guards are as manly as lumberjacks . . .

I got more durations to offer:

Duration (Blue) - Lasts until you feel better.
Duration (Green) - Lasts until you've got more experience.
Duration (Burgundy) - Lasts until you've finished your wine.

Hmm - seems we'll be needing a Duration (Red) - lasts until the danger has passed...
Oh, and a duration (Dark) - lasts until the sun comes up;)

I was thinking someting more along the lines of

Duration (Red) - Lasts until you're done with your book.

New spell (with Until duration)

Level: 0

Curse of Stupidity
R: Personal D:Until T: Ind

This spell Wipes the caster's mind of all Coherent thought. Coherent thoughts return when the caster Reads a Summae that outlines the various rules of magic. Duration is UNTIL minimum compentence is attained before the spell expires. This typically requires a season of study...

Perdo Mentem
Base: 10 Until +4 Ease of use: -6

serioussly I thought that this duration would work!

It seems people are divided between either disagring with you on that or thinking it is already covered in the books that Atlas Games happen to publish..