Another player looking for an ArM game.

Age: 38.
Location: US, Midwest. Crazy schedule though, so not bound to play at particular times of the day.
Fluent in: English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Icelandic, Old Norse, German and French, and possibly Brazilian Portuguese.
Personality: Diplomatic, well-educated, non-judgmental observer with a soft spot for animals and kind people.
Play-style: Frequent and thoughtful. I put in a lot of effort, and often get attached to fictional characters. I highly prize brevity and not posting walls of text that send (potential) players running.
Career: Medical Physicist (I invent and maintain high-tech stuff for hospitals).
Gaming experience: 31 years across more systems than I can even remember, including week-long LARPs in the woods, WoD and play-testing D&D 5e.
Preferred communications platforms: Discord, forums or even Skype. Pretty flexible.

If you have any questions or think I'd fit in with your game, please don't hesitate to send me a message or reply to this post.

Praesidium Orae is still open to new players- it's kind of fast paced at the moment since we are in the (very long) "prelude" phase...

If there are places available, I would still be interested in joint the campaign

There will be places for a while, but characters need to be discussed in the game character development thread, and you need to apply to the wikki