Another Question of Warping

For those of you who remember my "Let's-make-a-tower-into-a-talisman" plan this is but a continuation;

If you constantly cast a spell on yourself (like Repel the Wooden shafts) you'll gain 1 Warping point every year. If the effect ahd been very powerful, you'd have gotten another one the first time it was cast. (I'm fairly confident so far) If you wore a ring with a constant Repel the Wooden Shafts effect, you would gain no warping. (not certain about this) If you had a magically enchanted bed with an effect to cast Purification of the Festering Wounds continously on anyone resting there, you'd still get no warping, but if the spell was heightened to level 40 or so, you'd get warping the first time the spell was cast on you by the bed. (very uncertain here) If the bed had been your talisman, being an actual extension of yourself, you wouldn't gain warping at all. (errr...?)

So if I enchanted my tower to such a degree as I have indicated a desire for, Would I gain Warping from living in it? (Not talking about a lab's Warping score)

it's designed specifically for no warping
the continuous effects aren't on you(depending on the effect[color=red]*) no warping

[color=red]*continuous mutocorpus allowing you to walk on the walls so you need no stairs would cause warping since it's effecting you. Continuous regoterra to prevent the large stones thrown by the invaders catapults from knocking your tower down is no warping since it's not effecting you (only ~95% certain on this, it's how I'd work it in any of my games)

I agree with Agnar. The spells on the tower would warp the tower, unless they're intended to affect the its contents or inhabitants.


High level effects only cause warping if NOT designed for YOU.
Constant effects cause matter the level.

The spiderclimb would be cool, and to avoid warping, you have the effect last "Diameter" with unlimited uses per day...
No warping...