Another Spell

Third new topic in as many hours, i guess the creative juices are flowing tonight.

Ok, this time a spell to teleport your talisman to your hand. This seems like it should be relatively easy, but it turns out its a lvl 55 spell. Hence a ritual.

Heres what i have so far

Summon the Staff of Bones
ReCo55 (ritual)
Summons the staff of bones (my magus talisman is a quarterstaff made of fused human femurs topped with a skeletal hand clutching a skull, very tastefully done of course) to the hand of the caster.
(Base35, +4 arcane)

I'm looking for something a little easier. Can anyone suggest a way to do this thats easier than a ritual? I'm after the typical "wizards gestures and his staff appears in his hand" type of spell.

I think that this is a problem with the teleportation guidelines as I've said on another thread.

A way around it within the rules is to use opening the intangible tunel and then teleport it (from range touch to range touch), which shouldn't be hard at all.

What you're doing, in my opinion, is based on the guideline "Level 10: Transport the target instantly up to 5 paces." Implied in this is "up to 5 paces from the caster." Thus, as a Level 30 effect with R: Arc, the caster should be able to transport a human target up to 5 paces from himself.

Since each magnitude increases the distance from the caster, it seems logical to me that removing one magnitude would transport it to the caster's hand, rather than 5 paces from him. So, I suggest that there's a guidelines "Level 5: Transport the target instantly to the caster's location." This isn't particularly useful for transporting a normal person, as they would appear on top of the caster, but for summoning something the caster can hold, it seems quite reasonable to me.

Also, since the guidelines generally add magnitudes for affecting a living person or animal, I'd drop at least one magnitude for the fact that it's not a living person you're summoning. Ultimately, this would produce a spell of level 20, which with an AC lets you summon any nonliving human thing to your hand. At level 15, you could summon anything you can see, and at level 10 anything within range of your voice.

This seems balanced to me. What do you think?

I agree, Erik's suggestion seems reasonable to me, as well.


I read it as transporting 5 paces from wherever the target currently is. I agree with gribble's conclusions. I would, however, make avail of "The Central Rule" of the spells chapter - "The storyguide or troupe may always intervene and declare that a certain combination of range, duration, target, and effect warrants a higher or lower level than that described by the guidelines".

By the RAW, yes, I say it should be level 55. I might lower it to level 40 (Base 35, +1 T:Part) by allowing the talisman to count as part of your body even if you're not touching it. I personally wouldn't want to lower it much further, it ruins some interesting story potential IMO. But if you do - just do.

Seems awfully low for me. Using a level 25 (Base 10, +3 R:Sight) spell I can teleport anyone I see to me (within 5' of me). Yet teleporting him 50 paces from me is apparently more difficult - I don't see why. Furthermore, by this interpretation using a level 30 spell (Base 10, +4 R:Arcane) I can teleport any person I have an arcane connection to to me. In contrast, using my interpretation that would be a level 55 (Base 35, +4 R:Arcane), a Ritual spell whose penetration is significantly lower.

You're leaving out the other alterations Erik made. People are more difficult than objects made of corpus. So the difficulty goes to 30. And he also stated that this would put the person right on top of the caster. To be further away, like the 5' you suggest, was another magnitude, so 35 to bring anyone in sight to 5' of you. For the person at AC distance, the magnitude would be 40.

I think the implication that transporting 5 paces guidelines means "within 5 paces of me" is what allows this interpretation to either work or not...

Hrm. Complex, and I've had far too little sleep...but I think there's merit in the breakdown Erik's suggesting.