Info for the upcoming ArM5 book Antagonists is now up on our site at


Wonderful! The premise, and writers, promise greatness. I do hope to see some Table of Contents before it's published, though, for further details...

(I won't buy it until it's in pdf, as I no longer buy hardcopy books. The book looks tempting regardless.)

Yep. Remind me if I don't get it up by the end of this month.

Wow! I'm very excited to see this go, I think folks will really enjoy it.


IT LOOKS GREAT!! :smiley:

Thanks for the announcement. Now I will be on a hype for a few days. One can only hope Davnalleus (or similar) is there....


Antagonists is a great idea.

With Ancient Magics and Hermatic Projects giving things for Magi to do an book of Antagonists will complement Rival Magics in providing opposition.

I read David Chart's message in the latest sub Rosa. For me the best part was in the last few lines when say says he has eight to ten books in various stages of developement. When we were brainstorming here on the forums we came up with a dozen or so ideas between all of us. Atlas has nearly a dozen books full of cool ideas already in progress.

And now Antagonists!

I am eagerly waiting to see what cool ideas/concepts Atlas has in developement.

Nothing new contribute, I just want a good look at the cover...

...Very pretty! :slight_smile:

Good aspect of course, and interesting to the storytellers - like me.

or as it could be known.....The big book of Hermetic spoil-sports



Even though i dont know if there will be any real playing, i might still have to get this one...

Definitely looking forward to this one.

Is it time for the TOC yet? :smiley:

Or does this one get kept shrouded in mystery? :wink:


I guess you shouldn't expect a TOC until the book has gone through layout, which is obviously only finished shortly before it goes to the printer - so about one month before release, which in this case means January. :wink:

Wild guesses at the included baddies?

Here comes mine :slight_smile:.

I think the book will cover the 4 realms and be a mix of old and new antagonists, tending towards the later.

Traditional enemies that have appeared in the past.
1- Davnalleus or Lord Guillis (both from LOTN and ROP:I) and friends. The guy in the centre, holding a shining stone (external soul?)
2- A big faerie. Meridiana? The large face in the background. It appeared in medieval tapestry or living lore, can't remember, but I think the later. The story was cool.

New ones, one magical and maybe one divine to have a mix of all the realms.
3- Big mundane. Frederick II?
4- Crusading milites. All hail the templars and their friends messing with your covenant and being unaffected by your magic due to their faith.
5- Related to crows (magical? Divine?). May that be the shapeshifters of Pomerania? They had a surprisingly low level of detail in GotF after all.
6- The girl in the front with the roses. (divine?) No idea here, but it might a maga for what the text says.

And those are mine so far. :slight_smile:


Hmm, if this book actually features some of the "named" big baddies and isn't just "Yet Another NPC Collection" I might actually have to get it.

Sorry to Threadomance, but this is real soon now:

Where can we find the Table of Contents? :smiley:

I suspect this one could take a small hit time-wise as Against the Dark has only just come out (I managed to order it yesterday, in fact, so I haven't even got a copy yet).

But I'm really looking forward to it and I'll be reading the ToC with enthusiasm along with everyone else, I'm sure.

Looks like March. ... press.html

Not too much of a hit then.

TOC, please?