Anti-gun shticks vs. hardware shticks questions.

Page # 103 of the Jammer sourcebook (Gorilla Warfare) introduces hardware shticks (non-arcanowave cyborg shticks), some fo which are weapons. What happens if one uses the Backlash of the Turtle fu shtick on a gun/hardware shtick?
Page # 91 of the Lotus sourcebook (Thorns of the Lotus) has a new blast that destroys electronic equipment and non-signature guns called Object Overload. What happens if Object is used against a gun/hardware shtick, or even any hardware shtick?

[color=darkblue]Personally, I don't allow Backlash of the Turtle to affect any hardware schticks except the guns on page 107, since Backlash specifically states that it works against guns. That Fu Path is specifically written to be used against arcanotech, though, and the book goes to some length to point out that arcano and hardware are not the same, so I don't let Backlash work against, say, robotic limbs.

I do allow Object Overload to affect hardware, though, since again, that seems to be its purpose. However, in the case of a PC's hardware schticks, I never allow the hardware to be permanently destroyed, as the Overload states. I just allow a Fix-It roll to get it back in working order, so as not to totally screw the PC.

I'd treat hardware schticks as if they were signature weapons. So Turtle fu would cause a hardware schtick and/or weapon to jam, malfunction, or just stop working for a while, but couldn't be permanently destroyed or lost. Regaining the use of the hardware would then fall under "roll really high" or "dramatically appropriate moment".