antipopes and the infernal

do antipopes generate infernal effects? I mean antipopes are generally faithfull Christians, but I have to wonder if their well meaning conflict with the true Popes would generate infernal effects the same way peasants burying communion wafers to try and bless their fields generate infernal vis (by defiling the sacrament) if the well intentioned works of an antipope might somehow be infernally tainted.

With each faction accusing the other of supporting an antipope, it's hard to know which is the real antipope until there's a winner.

Overcoming a schism, if and where it exists, is the duty of men of the Church in Mythic Europe.
A churchman needlessly exasperating an existing schism will have many demons, large and small, exulting: so using the term 'antipope' is in itself highly problematic during a schism in the Roman Church of Mythic Europe.

Once a schism in real history was resolved, the party prevailing was usually expected to be watchful, but lenient: for an iconic example see the burial ceremony and tomb of Baldassare Cossa in Florence.


With the sub rosa #16 saga framework 1050 AD: Strange Alliances, you can role play the final resolution of the schism formally already settled at the Council of Sutri 1046.

In this framework you have a figure generally considered an antipope. Still, demons leave him well enough alone: you might find out during the saga, why.


Conflict over major and minor points of doctrine is likely to lead to anger and conflict, leading to an increase in infernal influence. Demons are likely to support schisms and argument over doctrine, and not only heresy but exaggerated reactions to heresy (the Albigensian Crusade, for example).

So, indirectly, yes.