Ants, ants, ants...

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for this thread I have a saga-research question for you.

IMS, the magi have just arrived at the covenant site and are in the midst of getting labs, sanctums and so on ready for use. I'm planning a few diplomacy-themed adventures to begin with, primarily between the church and themselves and different local village chiefs. At the same time I don't want to let the players forget that we're playing in mythic europe and so I also have a more supernatural-themed diplomacy arc.

The magi will soon notice that, around the hill were they've chosen to settle down, they constantly see ants and bees fighting. I'm not sure exactly why and how it will happen, but the arc would be centered around the magi brokering peace between a hive of magical bees and a colony of magical ants. If they side with one or the other, the ants and bees on their own could provide the covenant with certain advantages or trade opportunities.

Now, while I know a bit about the medieval common view on bees, how they live and how they are ruled, I know next to nothing about what the medieval paradigm would say about ants. Were they considered industrious? Were they ruled by a queen, a king? If anyone has any knowledge about these to species, from a bestiary perhaps, I'd be very grateful.



Here is a medieval beatiary entry about ants with source citations...

Daedric - I really really like the idea. So basic yet so utterly cool. I wished I thought of something similar, actually I'll not just steal it - I'll propably even use something of the kind in our next story (though you never know how long the current one will continue!)!!

I've got BoXer's source among my internet favourites, though I often forget it among a longer list of Ars online sources - and here is the bee equivalent to BoXer's link.

Thanks a lot, both of you :slight_smile: .

@ Furion

There's no stealing what I'll gladly share. If you use it, I'd be really interested in a short summary of how your players handled the issue. :slight_smile:

This has inspired me.
If any one has read Robin Javis' 'Oaken Throne', the war between the squirrels and the bats.
I can't believe it only just occurred to me. The Evergreen (squirrel god) can be a faerie... which links one of my magus with his faerie blood flaw.

There's a session of side quest for him and his companion right there. Make sure the war doesn't get out of hand.

Daedric - it'll be at least some weeks, but I'll certainly share the tale if I make it before you do. The story I'll be preparing will center around 3 apprentices (two of them having their characters introduced in this story) and an odd nubmer of grogs. All the players originally in the troupe started out playing apprentices for no less than 2½ year of real-time (12 years in game or so) and we have a tradition of great stories for apprentices, often involving local myths and small-scale 'mythic-ness'. At the same time two of the players are relatively new to the saga, and one of them has never played in a story at the covenant, and this theme seems to be perfect to introduce the familarity of the scenery and at the same time deliver both a plot and a sense of wonder.

Mintroll - interesting title. I've never heard of the books but what I could find on the net sounded interesting. This dramatis personae alone could inspire many tales (from the author's website):

A young bat, eager to prove himnself in the approaching war who believes that all squirrels are evil.

A Knight of the Moon, he is the bats' greatest warrior and hero, having fought in countless battles against the despised squirrels.

Lord Hrethel
As Warden of the Great Book, Hrethel inspires the bat host to wage war upon the squirrel houses.

The arch traitor of Greenreach, whose name is forever accursed.

The young squirrel maiden, daughter of the Lady Ninnia and heiress of Coll Regalis. She has been taught to put duty before all else and her head rules her heart.

Lady Nimia
Wise ruler of the Hazel realm who wears the bronze hazel about her neck.

Ysabelle's mouse nursemaid. She is an anxious little body, much given to fretting.

Wendel Maculatum
A talented stoat jester who is embroiled in the dramatic events at the time of Aldertide.

Godfrey Gelenos
One of the wise, elderly counsellors of Coll Regalis who taught Ysabelle all the traditions of the Hazel Realm, he is never seen without a scholarly parchment tucked under his arm.

A frightful, greedy hedgehog and member of the dreaded Hobber cult.

Tysle Symkyn
The lame shrew companion of Giraldus. Tysle was discovered by the mole after the Hobbers massacred everyone in his settlement, he is steadfast and true but far too trusting.

A leprous mole who is on a pilgrimage to Greenreach in the hope of receiving a cure from the Green Mouse. His great friend is Tysle and depends on him for almost everything.

Fenlyn Purfote (Fenny)
The fierce mouse captain of the woodlanders who has taken oaths to rid the forest of the Hobb cult.

The Ancient
The messenger of the Moon goddess, the oldest and wisest creature to have ever lived.

I recommend all six of the books, the Deptford Mice trilogy and the Histories trilogy (prequels). They're sort of kids books... perhaps a tad dark for some peoples taste. I read them when I was young and the mention of a war between magical animals reminded me of it.