Anulus Connectens: Andreva of Jerbiton

The crown is worth 3 and the staff is worth 4. I suppose that she could get 1 more point for doing early riser and for get the walnut bonus. What if the staff had a walnut leaf growing out of it?



Those are the sounds that I imagine the Snails make as they ricochet off of the invisible surface of the circular ward Although I could also imagine a splat as the mollusk impacts and slowly oozes down the nothingness moving, ironically, faster than its typical locomotion.

For practicality, the truly hard core paranoid magus would want a personal ward rather than a ring/circle one and yes, I agree it would protect the magus. I think that for most magi terram and ignem wards are a higher priority. Animal probably takes fourth place; after herbam but before aquam. I'm willing to call the subset of magi which keep that many wards up as small.

Probably true, but most any magus could probably spont that level 5 ward though :slight_smile:

...and because Aquam is often such a low priority is precisely why Ragna of House Bjornaer (SubROsa #15 and #18) uses the form offensively...

Moving on to the ship; there is a level 3 guideline in intellego corpus - Locate a person to whom you have an Arcane Connection. I am going to modify this as an Intellego Terram guideline level 3 -learn the direction to a location that you have an arcane connection to. One could make an argument for useing either the level 2 IntTe guidline or the level 4 InTe Guideline instead.

Does anyone want to make those arguments? I think that level 3 fits very well

While Andreva used knives for this device (perhaps out of habit or inclination) she did not receive her focus bonus for them as they weren't the target of the magic. Not that she needed it, in fact even without the focus bonus she still could complete the enchantment without the help of her familiar. Grace had the season off to indulge in frolicking and her newfound love of sculpture.

Bausas' device, Keeping the Insides In, the Outsides Out located here prompted Andreva to craft the following item, by making her think what would knock the crew off of the ship?

Rego 16
Terram 31
Magic Theory 8
int 3
aura 3
rego terram lab bonus 12
Similar spells bonus +6
Grace MT 11
Grace int +3
Shield adorned with Clam shell and Jet +8
total 101

I'm not personally a huge fan of simply transfering guidelines like that. Even between Corpus and Animal (where such transfers are explicitly encouraged), I'd like to slap a magnitude or 2 on top.
That said, I can see Terram being associated with the concept of location, so that works.

But it's not necessary, if we have a person who's reasonably stationary. Then we can simply use existing InCo spells.

If you're not in favor of moving around guidelines why aren't you arguing for a magnitude lower? Isn't location a visible property of an object (a property that someone with appropriate skills could determine just by looking)? As in "It's right there. I can see that it's right there."

I'm really trying to say 2 things, and I managed mash the two together.

  1. I don't generally like simply transfering guidelines. Even if your troupe accepts it, I (personally) think it should always be harder to use a guideline with the "wrong" form. If we're simply saying this is possible (with the Art of Terram) because there exists a guideline within InCo that does the same thing, this is a bad choice. I'd advocate for extra magnitudes.
  2. In the specific case of Terram, I could easily see location falling under Terram, and specifically finding our location being possible with InTe.

Relevant InTe guidelines actually exist, so why use guidelines from InCo if we're not sensing something to do with a human (body)?

So the base 2 effect means we know where we are as long as the coast is visible, and the base 4 effect will allow for accurate positioning aywhere, at any time.

Well If I had an intellego terram spell that found out whether or not the rock could be smelted for iron, a property that someone with appropriate skills could determine just by looking wouldn't it function at range arcane connection?

Why would the location determining spell fail when the coast is not visible if the mineral content spell wouldn't?

When I originally brought in both the level 4 and level 2 guidelines I hadn't decided which of them I thought best fit the task of determining location. Now I think it's the level 2 guideline.


Because you couldn't see the coast, and so even a relevantly skilled person can't tell you where you are with the precission available with Hermetic Magic?

Base 2, range Arcane?

But you can't see if there are iron bearing minerals in it either, why the difference?

Yes, range arcane.

Works for me then.

how do you know which knife points at which location?


It's the one that moves when you put in the arcane connection. You have to remember.

Jason 72 has a point about oars versus sails

One more device for the ship. This one is at the limit of her relevant abilities.

Muto 10
Herbam 8
Int 3
Magic theory 8
aura 3
Lab General quality 2
lab terram 4
Grace's int +3
Grace's MT 11
shape 4
material Bronze/Magnetite/Wood +3
[strike]+3 Overtime[/strike]
+1 apprentice
total 60

This effect is cribbed heavily from Object of Increased Size from the core book p 154 if it needs to be higher level (for instance if she needs to pay for the requisites), it will likely be out of her range for the resources she's able to put in to the ship.

Thinking about the season of overtime ready to mess up her ageing rolls, is Bausas going to be available to rework her longevity ritual before the magic theory requirements of the thing (assuming that there are such, lets not tread that road yet again) become too challenging?

Your math is off, I think - Lab total looks like 59 before overtime and you still have +1 more S&M bonus you could add in(MT 8 ), so you can probably get to no overtime, if you try.