Anulus Connectens: Andreva of Jerbiton

Hmm, from cannon I don't think I can. I asked for help on the forums a while ago for granting speech to stone with one spell and then sight with another url=[/url] and used a base 4 guideline and then added a Corpus requisite. I thought the two effects were better separated for my purposes, and it's not really a match to what you're proposing, so take it or leave it. :slight_smile: .

I take your point on the ReHe guideline and also for the circumstances; suggest that giving a form of intelligence to a plant should be easier, or at least different to doing that with stone as plants are already at least living. Inanimate dead substance has to change two fundamental properties, where a plant only needs to alter one (?).

I also thought the Treacherous Spear doesn't quite have true intellect to act on it's own to attack - it thrashes around wildly but doesn't really know to attack somebody in the same manner a caster would when using Finesse and controlling a spell directly. Were it to animate and continue to strike them in a dynamic manner I think it would be a better match. That's where I think there is a subtle difference. Basic animation is perhaps different to a plant that can react to stimulus outside some very simple pre-programmed instructions.

I remember a forum post from a while ago where the discussion talked about the difference between animating a statue with (just using ReTe) to move vs making it act like a bear (ReTe/An), and at what point is a requisite needed. From memory the difference was the degree of autonomy it needed and how broad it's range of abilities would be (or at least hat's what i took away from it).

I went digging and found Stir the Slumbering Tree, Ars 135, MuHe/Me, which has a Mentem req. And Command of the Forest, ReHe/Me, MoH p40, which also requires Mentem, and is using the same baseline level 10 that you've mentioned.

I don't see intelegence as more of a property of stick than of a sword. We're talking about tree corpses here. Not living trees

. I think that you're thinking of a different spell i was surprised when I read it yesterday (I thought I remembered the shaft of the spear getting bendy and wildly whipping around). The spear tries to break free of its wielder, in this attempt if it doesn't immediately succeed it has the awareness to thwart any attacks that its wielder is making (although that could possibly be ascribed to a side effect of the weapon trying to yank itself from the holder's grip, and when it gets free it attacks in exactly the animated manner that I envision using the combat stats of its previous wielder. That means if the spell is cast on someone with great weapon 8 and dex 5 the spell attacks with the skill of great weapon 8 and dex 5.

Command the Forest is a particularly good example.

Finesse doesn't seem quite right to me but I like it better than any alternatives that I've thought of. A flat number,based on spell level is a possibility.I suppose I can describe an animated sword like RoP: Magic describes an animated tree but I'd really rather not. I just want a sword to fight I don't want it to do other tasks with this spell.

The Circular Wall of Shields (ReTe 30, MoH, p. 50) does use Finesse, but provides a rather more limited effect (I think) than this spell.

And as I may have mentioned before, I'm personally weary of using MoH for effects without reflection.

My examples are:

circular wall of shields that just moves shields in a circle rather than has them animate (it uses a different guideline) but it gives them a very favorable stat based on finesse and it lasts un-directed for duration sun.

Treacherous spear that attacks a single target and uses numbers based on the target it is attacking.

Command the Forrest, where the trees can follow simple commands but there is a mentem requisite. The numbers com from an animated tree write up.

I'm going to stick with finesse for numbers, not because it is good but because I like it more than my other choices.

I'm going to remove the ability of the spell to change targets. It will simply attack the target designated when the spell is cast, this makes it more like the examples that don't have a mentem requisite and I am not going to use a mentem requisite.

I'll use the bit about if you do a damage level to the sword it falls down this is in Treacherous spear and circular wall of sheilds. I don't like it as much as what I had earlier but I'll follow precedent.

I used the +10 levels for metal even though the porter spells don't

I don't like it as well as earlier versions but I feel it is more justifiable.

teram 22 rego 9 focus 9 int 3 aura 3 MT 6 = lab total 52 she'll need to do an unusual lab schedule for one season to get this done in two.

What about somehow using an Airy Spirit of Terram? The Ghost Touch power on page 102 of RoP:M seems to be what you want to achieve.

Certainly you could do it that way (or at least with some spirit, airy spirits don't unambiguously have normal spirit abilities) but treacherous spear is a clear example that it can also be done in other ways. At this point in her life Andreva isn't in a position to pursue hermetic theurgy just so she can get things stabbed more efficiently. Stabbing is not among her most important goals, but she loves swords and I see her taking a few seasons here to develop Insubstantial Duelist.

(I'm still thinking of making it ten levels lower)

Going on, Doctorcomics said

I don't have a real work around in mind. Of course, to my mind the obvious way to skirt the issue of magic resistance blocking insubstantial duelist is to hire a grog to duel with the sword instead. It has its drawbacks but also a lot of benefits.

But even more directly she can do this in a season:

I used the guidelines for +15 damage I made the aiming roll more difficult than invisible sling of vilano because throwing swords to my mind is a more challenging task than throwing sling stones. I added the accuracy penalty back in to the damage because I figured that if the sword does hit it should not be hitting more weakly than the stone (this does reduce the chance of just grazing with a flying sword) If invisible sling of vilano is non-combat damage then that was inappropriate. I added two additional points of damage beyond compensating for the accuracy hit because swords are sharp and I wanted to reflect this, furthermore it made a nice round number. I also used +1 magnitude for metal. The Societates guideline is explicitly for rock. figured that metal was one magnitude higher.

Edit: additional revisions to the spell are discussed here viewtopic.php?f=4&t=32010

An issue that Andreva has to deal with during this period is finding a way to make the covenant's finances more secure. Looking at her abilities, her high rego terram score and her high finesse make craft magic useful tool.

I decided that she could, without too much effort, create a rock quarry and produce a lot of work in an given afternoon (but not so much as to glut the market with cheap stone). She knows Miner's Keen Eye from her apprenticeship which should help her in this. She'll need to use the Redcaps to get the material sold (Is that sensible Christian?)

Outside of her focus her rego terram lab total is 43 so she can produce the following two spells in a single season (One craft spell and one not).
One spell to cut stones:

The name is awful. Any ideas for a better one? Is cutting stone normally a task requiring a craft profession roll of 6 or is it higher or lower? There is a bit of context for this ease factor in Covenants but not so much I feel certain about my judgement.

One spell to uncover them

This still leaves one spell to move rocks and perhaps one to see if removing rocks will cause a collapse of the area to finish the stone quarry idea, but I've already posted three spells without giving a chance for feedback so I'll pause for now.

One season for this (again with a +1 modifier from an enhanced lab schedule)

Base 4 is learn one mundane property of an item I used it to learn a mundane property of a volume in detail. Is there any issue with that?

One season for this with a good deal of free time left over

Now I'd better wait for at least one or two bits on feedback on the 5 new spells I've posted before going on.

Sounding the Bones of Atlas and Stones of Formic Discipline are both excellent and awesome!

New spells look good to me.

If you need some way to justify lowering the sword-animation spell level, you could say that the sword doesn't really defend against attacks. Stabbing is a very simple action, dodging's a bit more complex.

Also, you could say that the sword stops attacking if the caster falls unconscious or loses sight of it. It is mentally controlled on some level, after all. Maybe put a cap on the number of swords you can control too.

That makes me think: later in her career, she could invent a version with Target: Group which sends dozens of swords to mob some poor sap.

Yes, a target group version and another similar group spell are already on the schedule for later (they would have come up now if the original spell was a more manageable level).

I was most worried about my invisible sling of vilano variant with regard to how it calculates damage.

Going on, I have two single season spells

A spell to get swords where she needs them to go;

and a spell to keep them there:

That spell is awesome!

Thank you all, I'm glad that Stones of Formic Discipline is so popular.

Andreva will want to learn both Edge of the Razor MuTe 20 (arM5 p154) and Hardness of Adamantine MuTe25 (MoH: Soc p37). So she'll want to get a hold of lab texts. I'm going to say that her detractors in the Confraternity of Roland prevent her from getting access notes for Hardness of Adamantine but edge of the razor is to common to allow this

She'll learn Edge of the Razor in one season and invent Hardness of Adamantine in 2

A lesser enchanted device Glove of Marble Lumber

22 terram
6 muto
5 magic theory
3 intelligence
3 aura
4 shape bonus
gives me a lab total of 43 enough for a level 21 lesser enchanted device.

Muto terram "change one property of dirt" seems to be a pretty powerful guideline for base 1. However, seeing as pumice is a real stone I don't feel that I over reached.

For Sword Immobile I think you need base 3 as that's a highly unnatural effect.
I used a similar spell for Object is Stubborn a little while ago here. The thread also chatted about the relative strength/ force.

I agree that it does seem very powerful. But I also agree that this appears to be within guidelines.