Anulus Connectens: Bausas

Requisites added in order to make the spell broader in scope should generally cost magnitudes. Normally Muto [Form1] to [Form2] does not require this, since the requisites are necessary, but adding any to be able to take a wider selction of things to change should IMHO.
However Basuas' spell only allows multiple things to be changed into one specific thing. Should spells to change any Te, An, Aq, He thing into any other Te, An, Aq, He thing be harder?

Which reminds me: I've done absolutely nothing with Janus for a good deal of time. But since I finished stage one of a huge project last friday and still have one week left before vacation I guess I could loaf off a bit.

I've been thinking about it and I think I've figured out the exact scenario that had me wondering what happens. So I turn something into an acorn with MuHe and then use a CrHe spell to mature it before the Muto spell expires. Assuming the acorn is planted and able to draw the nutrients and such it needs to grow from the ground it's planted in, would the stuff in the Creo section on page 77 of the core book apply/be relevant (the horse and corpse example) because the CrHe spell has allowed the tree to be "fed" with mundane material from seed to maturity (equivalent to over a year)?

Also, assuming you had sufficient spell duration, what would happen if you managed to make one of these acorns your talisman before it reverted to its original form?

OK looking this over again, I kick myself for missing Circle of Scholars and for that matter the presence one as well). That could have raised lab totals for Andreva and Hector and made my life a little less challenging. Still, there's no guarantee that the covenant had a rook of Creo or Mentem vis available for even one casting.

Edit: reading more, what does the virtue Great strength x2 do? (It's on the +75 character sheet at least)

It looks like Bausas has been adding "Great " whenever he raises a characteristic over +3 - hence the increasing levels of Great Presence and Great Quickness. However, Bausas' Str is still -1 so I've no idea why that's on the character sheet. Looks like we'll have to forensically reconstruct every move used in Bausas' creation to check what should and shouldn't be on the character sheet. Eeek.

Indicate that I'm a lazy sloven who doesn't clean up before posting :uhoh:

This is because I'm using MetaCreator, and it likes to add those virtues when you have a characteristic above 3.
Why the strength one is there, I have no idea.
I'll just have to clean things up before I post another version.

From over here:

Not a bad idea, but even the basic version (Single Light Wound, R: Touch, D: Sun) is level 30, so it causes Warping.
And there isn't much benefit to it, compared to a simple Bind Wounds.


Not a bad idea, though I'm not sure how to do the 'monitoring' part without eg T: Boundary.
Maybe a T: Vision spell, and then have a peek at the towns in question?

You know, I actually don't know what guideline I'd use to deal with seasickness.
Today I'd probably use take away the target's sense of balance temporarily, but I doubt that would work.
Maybe a MuCo effect?

Time to hit the books. Sunday, at the earliest.

Some of those options come a bit close to mind control for Bausas. Still, worth looking into!

My thought was an InIm(Vi) spell that allowed you to use hearing or perhaps small at range arcane connection (with the vim requisite to allow the use of magical sense target spells) coupled with a magical sense spell top detect diseases.

My first thought was to make enchanted devices that had the magical senses and then read the memories of the devices from afar. That's clearly more questionable from a rules perspective and bound to lead to more discussion.

The safe way to do it is to find a hive of bees or some other creatures that live within the city limits, give them magical sense to detect disease, (well not perfectly safe, the actual magical sense spell rules don't discus the possibility of casting magical sense spells on animals), then scan the memories of the animals later.

I like this version.
Doesn't need a Vi req, would need a MuMe (probably should be MuAn) req due to having multiple targets. Something to fiddle with.

I'm trying to work out how you get to the lab totals that are sufficient to create some of the excellent spells (especially useful as one of my players has a Bonisagus healer who is similar enough to Bausas that this thread was the first one I checked out).

If we go to page 5, we've got the stats at year 60 and then, at the bottom of the page, the invention in year 61 of "And Let Them Be Quick About It!" If I understand the rules correctly, for him to create that in two seasons, he's generating a lab total of 90+. Where does that number come from? The best I can work out is:

26[Cr] + 24[Co] + 3[Int] + 7[MT] + Aura + Callidus + Saiua.

I think that Saiua adds +4 but does Callidus add more than +10? I don't know what most of his powers mean, unfortunately.

What else have I missed?

Without having analyzed in detail, maybe the Lab adds some bonus, and perhaps Similar spell bonus if Bausas knows a spell closely resembling this?

Top of page 4, Callidus had cunning +2 before becoming a familiar and had magic theory 6, so 15 years before this research he's adding +8. He gains Int +3 by the end of the 31-45 period. He may have more MT by this point. Bausas doesn't seem to have a lab write-up in the first 5 pages, but everyone's lab benefits from being in a structure full of enchantments (are those in the Anulus Connectens main thread?)

Looking at Callidus in the +60 sheet I see no magic theory, but when I went back to the +45 version there is magic theory 6 with a specialization in Creo, so the absence of magic theory on the +60 write up looks like a typo.

At the very least Calidus can add his(?) intelligence(3) and magic theory (7 or more) to the total.

As for the lab, I know it has at least general quality +1 from flawless glassware and a +2 corpus specialization from the lesser enchanted device Statue of Peter and Petricia

That gets him to at least 80.

Does gift for a circle of scholars count at a similar spell (closely related effect with the same range duration and target)? If so that's another +10.

That's fine, thanks. The extra numbers coming from prior knowledge of a similar spell and from high-quality labs and useful enchantments makes sense.

I'm trying to remember all of the sources for bonuses so I can advise the players.

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A lot of effort was put into teaching Callidus Magic Theory (and improving its Intelligence.)
According to my notes, at the end of year 60, Callidus had Intelligence +3 and Magic Theory (Corpus) 8. for a total of +12.
Similar spells are also a possible source, I'm afraid my notes aren't that details.

That's what you get for using Enigmatic Wisdom to write shorthand.

Is "Let them be Quick About it" the first Corpus based characteristic increasing ritual?
if so, there should not be similar spell bonus. Basuas had in +60 stats already invented several Mentem based ones, but I don't think they count since they use a different Form.

Outrageous! :wink: Next time I must insist that you record your every movement and thought with some kind of cybernetic implant. Tch! :wink:

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Not to toot my own horn, but for designing Janus' projects I used a document where I listed Janus' lab totals on a line below the design calculation of level. The pain however is when the umpteenth effect is so difficult that you decide the magus spends a few years of study, you need to go back and correct all the numbers. Which I'm sure never happened, so the lab total line for Janus is a hint at best. :wink:

Looking at page 2 of the Janus thread for a guess at his lab, I see that Bausas could have spotless and highly organized for an additional +1 to general quality and +1 to creo specialization. With the more educated familiar this brings his total to 84.

We have +4 down for the apprentice's contribtion, could this be higher? A modified lab scedule could get him the rest of the way. (Double overtime could give him the +6 that he needs to get to 90 all by itself, without any greater bonus from his apprentice than we've already given him.)

MetaCreator keeps a history for your character. I might be able to pry it out of that.
But really, I'd very much prefer not to have to :wink: