new device(maybe)

automatic tea service-like mr. coffie but for tea & more primative(open flame)
good idea no.

Yeah, it's up there with a spell one of my Mage made, Sigata Lee ex Bohdi Lee ex Bonisagus, "Wetless Cleansing of the Cloth"

As one snaps their robes/shirt/whatever it cleans and starches the item. Truely revolutionaly and such a stellar use of magic.

Very interesting.

I would have it this way:

Creo Vim (Perdo & Igem requisites) level 50 Ritual
(R: Arc, D:Mom, T:Ind)

Allows you to summon a tea at the temperature that you like if you already pocess a tea of the same type. The Perdo requesite will allow the tea to cool down naturally while the Ignem requesite will create the primitive open flame.

Note that this spell will actually steal the tea from someone else since it actually summons your perfect tea. Some theorist belive this is the reason tea is always off a bit from what we would like to have since all the good tea is summoned elsewhere.


What sort of tea would be historically appropriate? Assuming European setting.

I'm not clear on when the Silk Road trading route was established, but before it, I'd say some herbal tea would be appropriate. Not real "tea" but some herbs simmering in hot water. After or during the Silk Road episode, black (Indian) tea would maybe be apropriate although very rare. I believe tea only became commonplace during the British colonisation of India.


Peppermint, rose-hip, cammomile, raspberry leaf, spruce, wintergreen - all common tea possibilities. I am not sure if milk and sugar would be the style now ... likely they had beet sugar as a luxury, and milk was available to those with the means (though large amounts like we are used to having in our modern age was not a common in the European diet at this point).

Cleaning / household magic (good old CrIg 5 Heating the Fridgid Hall) was always a favourite of mine. Sure, my magi in previous often sagas gave up one of their high levels spells for a few conveniences ... but they were always comfortable!

I never did get around to it, but had the idea once to go and get arcane connections from a variety of fields around europe to clandestinely harvest oats for a ReHe "Bowl of Instant Oatmeal" spell. A bowl of tasty, hot oatmeal when you want it - no vis required. A bunch of us also talked about converting the sap of trees, milk of herd animals, and various other widely available and nutritious plant (animal) materials into food (with rego to 'harvest' and muto to 'cook' it into recognisable dishes). IIRC it ended up being high level magic though, and never took priority in the lab.

here's another device that might be made by progresive magi
clockwork fire starter-wind it up & it stokes the fire for you!

Household magic is ver interesting - and worth to master preventing very distrubing botches =)

I think that 5th edition removes the Muto requisite. Rego does state that any change which is possible with natural means is part of Rego. Muto is now the technique for unnatural changes. Thus cooking meat, changing bar of iron into a sword or pot, and sewing a thread into cloth is Rego nowadays.

Yours Kautsu

Ahh - interesting, no muto required now. So the old (ArM4) MuAn 10 'Unseen Chef' is now a Rego spell?

(I am still waiting for my 5th ed main book, Covenants and Guardians-o-the-forest to arrive. I am finding it a difficult wait, but True Lineages and RoP: Divine make for great reading.)

There are a bunch of things I am wondering about now - Rego was a good art before. This makes Rego really great!