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While I am tempted to jump for joy, this would seem to bring us into direct conflict with this rival.
Is it Sylvanian? From whom we already took another source? How substantial is this new Vim source?

I think we are ill-prepared for Wizard's War. Can we study these guys? Who are they, nominally? How about the rest of the Tribunal?

I guess we should get really attached to the Mercer House, so that an attack on us can be seen as an attack on House Mercere.

Where should we list the artifacts found in the ruins in 1106? In the Magic Items page pf the wiki?

I'm going to need one more day before posting Taurus' adventures.
Sorry for the delay.

Ignes -- I really enjoy your story-telling. You imagine and write well-crafted adventures. I do have a request: Since Gabriele is the companion that I created, please let me run the stories generated by his flaws, and choose which covenant adventures he should participate in. I'm not worried about losing time in Autumn 1107, but if Gabriele had lost study/work time in another season, that would have messed with some of my long term planning. Thanks.


I totally understand, and am sorry I took control of him in my eagerness to get the Adventures Andros participated in for 1107 finished. Won't happen again!

I was just thinking that Taurus would probably be collecting Arcane Connections to some of the places he is visiting. He'll need to fix the connections in the lab, which requires vis. He would need to extract that himself, yes?

Taurus' Kidnapped Crow adventure is complete.
Silveroak, I have a question:
I'm thinking that the magical Lost Child I envisioned for this adventure could become a character in the saga, so I took the New Character reward. How do you feel about this kind of character? I have a basic idea that the Child has good stealth, survival, and hunt, with some shape-changing abilities. If this is okay, I'll read the section in RoP:M again and draft the character, but it may not be finished by the time you want to post the next year's stories. (I'm okay if this character does not participate in stories on a regular basis.)
(If this character is not going to be okay, I'll take a different reward.

That would be fine

Also please note the special rules added for Redcaps regarding adventures under game points. In brief a redcap on assignment (working) cannot join another adventure, but has a 1 in 10 chance of their work becoming an adventure- which they would obviously need to handle solo.

That answers my question elsewhere. So message delivery/Redcap work is exposure xp, then.


Got 1108 set up. I think I'll have Anna write a series of books all titled "X for Apprentices".

Sorry for the delay. I should be back by Saturday.

Unfortunately, I am still delayed. I will try to fill in the Seasons spreadsheet soon, but it may be a few more days before I can post much of anything. Hopefully, RL will settle down soon ...

Posted the Tribunal adventure in the Adventure thread (edited the post on page 19), darkwing, Aurthor can choose 2 rewards, adventure was difficulty 15. Andros chose vis + Resonant material for a Rego book.

Posted the Siderno Summer of 1109 adventure also on page 19.

[strike]question for silveroak: if Andros chooses a Mentor opportunity, how would this work for being taught spells? Is it an option? It's independent of Teaching totals and deals more with lab Totals.[/strike]

*edited to change rewards

The mentor reward was really designed with artists in mind, for other fields it should probably have a limit on ability level instead of reputation... I don't think that a direct conversion necessarily works...

Ok, will edit to change rewards.

Hi, silveroak,

Danaë asked for Charm class in Summer 1110 with the Social Teacher right after you mentioned Markus had 3 people asking for classes in 1110. However, this is not reflected in the Google sheet, the social teacher is teaching Etiquette in Spring and Folk Ken in the Fall.

I corrected this


it has been 12 days since archamedies has been on the board, and to my knowledge he has not asked anyone to "cover" for him, I think we may need to consider his characters as abandoned...

darkwing, follow up to Pazzino's LR:

Andros could shift stuff around in Winter 1111 to accommodate. He doesn't have the greatest Lab Total, though, CrCo 23 + MT 7 + 1 Int + 1 lab + 5 Aura, I am going to intro a Companion with "Failed Apprentice" that can contribute 7-8 extra, so at best that's +45, a +9 Bonus to Aging. Not unreasonable. He'd expect the 3 pawn payment, though he could defer that. He likes Pazzino, and values his contributions to the Covenant.

Camilla: her time and Lab are not her own, nonetheless, she can generate in 1111 CrCo 47 + MT 12 + Int 3 + 2 Evandrus's Lab + 5 Aura = 69, might be higher depending on activities in 1111, so around a +14. She'd like to experiment, though, Fertility Cults + Unaging seem right up her alley. This would all be a sort of subcontracting of Evandrus's assets, and he wouldn't be able to use the Lab for that season, so this is iffy.

As Archimedes is currently MIA, perhaps Taurus would accommodate? Has a good CrCo 35 + 7 MT + 2 Int + 1 Lab + 5 Aura, 50 at least. silveroak would have to indicate if Taurus is amenable.

And of course, if Evandrus gets involved, you'd get the best: CrCo 61 + 11 MT + 3 int + 2 lab + 5 Aura + 15 Camilla assistance + x Clawball assistance (?), probably well over 100, LR 20+. That would be up to Quite Possibly a Cat