OOC discussion

For anything out of Game, even if it is about the game...

Sorry for being so quiet recently. Very busy at work right now. I hope to have a magus for comment soon.

Got crushed by work myself for the last two weeks...

Hit by illness, but not crushed by work. Sadly, work is having a crackdown on use of the internet for personal use, which means no sneaky editing of wikis or going on to forums during working hours. (I like to think I'm more productive when thinking about combining the supernatural with 13th century Europe, but my manager may disagree).

Batch of big tests happening now. Will be done by Friday. Probably should have studied more sooner, but too late now.

I've had quite a lot of discussion lately with just crawfs, I'd like everyone else to sound off that they are still present.

Sound off!

Still present. Feeling indecisive and unsure how to spend the rest of the covenant boons and build points.

Would you like to comment in thread on what has been proposed, what other ideas you have and what direction you'd like it all to go? We have a hell of a lot of points to spend so if someone has a particular idea we could certainly accomodate it into the available points. also as kingjawa said we should start with Vis income and how much we'd like, get a figure that we can all agree and then perhaps go from there?

I'd prefer complete disagreement and discussion than the silence that is going on at the moment.

Your parens mage is not finished yet either, darkwing

Beyond that, post your thoughts if you are undecided- this isn't a poll where you have to wait until you have made your final decision, meanwhile this is how games die, with everyone waiting for someone else to post.

What about the parens mage needs finishing? I thought I had fixed it.

I wasn't aware you were done adjusting your abilities, arts and seasons. I will make further comment in the characters thread, but as a general point if you believe a character is fixed or finished you should say so in that thread.

I am here and still very excited about this game. I have had to dive back into a couple of books, but I am working on my parens mage now.

I'm fixing some parens issues. That's coming out of apprenticeship. Then I need to advance a bunch of years. Outside of some initiations, that shouldn't be so bad. But it will take a little bit.

Still here, but distracted by RL. I'll try to catch up and post something today or tomorrow.

School and Holidays have come together to eat my posting time. Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow!

Please, everyone, keep in mind that I do not know how often you look at the forum, I can only judge your engagement in the game by what you post. Even short responses in threads are better than silence. Prolonged silence will result in my assumption that you are no longer in the game.

What sort of pace are we expecting for the preliminary bit? There's decades to get through, so are we going year-by-year and expected to go as fast as possible, or are we doing batches of years at a time?

Is it worth creating a "troubleshooting" companion so if we get adventures but aren't sure if a given character will be able to do it, we can use the ability to delegate adventures to others?

It would most definitely be worthwhile to create a troubleshooting companion. They can also be sent if the magus simply doesn't want to interrupt their lab work...

I expect to go at approximately 1 year per week, hopefully a little faster if people respond quickly enough.

Something has come up this week, and I may not be able to post again until Saturday or Sunday.