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Are we going to do the extended library rules where you require the bookbinder, scribe, cartoonist trio to make a decent book?

I am going to include them, but with extra benefits- a scribe working with the original work can improve quality as per exceptional craftsmanship. Bookbinders and Illuminators may do the same if resonant materials appropriate to their craft are also used.

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When do we anticipate starting some stories?
Are we starting with apprentices as well, or just the parens characters?

(starting to get itchy about all the "accounting" and looking forward to the less crunchy bits of the game ...)

Silveroak has mentioned that we start with the parens characters and the apprentices can be added whenever we consider it appropriate

There are also two players who have indicated they are making Companions that have not been built yet- due to the accelerated way the first part of the game will be run if they are not built when we begin they will not exist under the same rules of grandfathering, and will have to be brought in by adventure or association.

... I hope no one minds that I reorganized the Boons and Hooks page of the wiki. If no one objects, I may add a little color description to each of these ...

I like it.

Does the apt student virtue apply to training and teaching xp, or just teaching xp?

I apply it to training as well. It is a form of instruction.

Excellent, this inspires me for grog or companion training for a craftsman - if they can get 5 extra study total while watching their master at work, then they can get almost as good as a highly skilled master while in their apprenticeship.

most can anyways, depending on the length of apprenticeship. 2 seasons of exposure and one of training, assuming the master is skill:5 is 12 points per year in the craft. 6 years of Apprenticeship would be 72 points, and in many cases a standard apprenticeship is 7 years...
Of course some points might typically be put into things like organization lore:Guild or some form of etiquette... leadership is something that could rub off...
but yes, an apt student can go even further...

If you can convince the crafts person to allow the apprentice to focus on learning, the master would need a really high score not to be matched by the end of the apprenticeship. Seven years would mean 14 seasons. The masters xp is [score]*([score]+1)*2.5 The apprentice would gain [score]*14+42xp assuming no practice. If the kid absolutely dedicates himself with practice xp you can add 56 more xp to that. Without practice the apprentice would learn everything from a ability 7 master, and be one xp short of an ability 9 master. An apt student who dedicates himself completely can almost learn everything from a score 11 master. If you throw in an affinity the apt dedicated apprentice would need a score 15 master to not get all the masters xp.

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Archemedies needs to put in the last 2 seasons for 1100 for Taurus' activity.

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The first adventures posted don't sound like something Taurus should be immediately involved in.

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a note: please do not advance your character sheet beyond the current year- it will make things more confusing if you wind up on an adventure In a year you advanced past...

I've already advanced Andros and handled his aging roll. Edit: But only up to the end of the year prior year.