Any more PDF's?

Will Atlas be releasing any more PDF's in the near future such as Lion & the Lily or Arts & Academe? Or releasing any of the core books like AM5, UA or Feng Shui as PDF's?



Yes, we will be releasing such PDFs. As to when, I can't predict, since it falls into the "stuff I do when I don't have anything else that I need to do" time, which there is not very much of right now.

The very next book that will be in PDF is ROP: Divine, with the revised Judaism chapter. I hope to get that uploaded to the various PDF resellers this week. But it falls lower in priority than, for example, shipping out the new Mini-Mythos book, Cliffourd the Big Red God.

Just got mine from warehouse 23 and it's going straight on the xoom for tomorrow night's session.