Any New Print Items?

Hello, everyone. I have been reading Feng Shui 2 for the last week and am very much loving it. I can't wait to run a game with my friends. I was just wondering if there were any other print books on the horizon for this awesome game. Please keep up the great work. You have a real gem here. Thank you.

Only the powers that be can really say, but I do know that Feng Shui 2 creator Robin D. Laws has said on his podcast that he feels like the 90s model of producing a game and then producing an endless stream of sourcebooks isn't as viable a business model anymore.

He hasn't mentioned Feng Shui 2 hardly at all lately, I'd be surprised if he's got anything planned.

Thank you for the information. That's too bad, as this seems like a very cool game.

None, but I was expecting to see books for each of the Factions like in 1st edition, given they way things were set up.

Some factions and time periods need more detail on them for a GM to run properly.

This was a problem with 1st edition FS as many GMs chose not to deal with the Jammers, the Architects, games set in the future, etc. as they had practically no information ton them ill certain books got released.

Initially for those that don't know 1st edition FS was to have an overall advancing meta-plot. Which would get advanced each year and expanded upon in Faction books. (Daedalus had planed to do 1 book a year that would focus on the world changes I read a few years back, in addition to the other source books, etc. that were planed.) The Shadow run card game was going to tell the story in the various sets. The exact meta-story was as you no never done, and some old 1st edition source books had set up things that never got resolved in the RPG.

The Shadowfist card game got picked up several others and the story it gives is not the one that you would have seen if Daedalus had not folded.

Atlas never followed through with certain things that were set up for various complicated reasons. (The original version of Golden Comeback was going to be very different, from what test play and rough draft material that made its way online after Daedalus folded).

Some factions and rules were going to be covered in just one book and not spread out among several too. So you may have had some factions coveredd in there own separate books like 1st edition.

You could with 2nd edition most likely combine stuff that was into multiple books into just one.

Also note that when Atlas started to publish FS materiel books were getting released fairly quickly at first. Then it shifted to where you would only see 1 book a year. Sales were not as high as with the other stuff Atlas has released as time went on I understand.

So I'm not sure what the sales would be like for FS stuff right now given the RPGs on the market that are the top sellers.

I've benefited a lot in my FS2 game from picking up the existing Feng Shui 1 sourcebooks, so that's definitely something to recommend for those of us who came on board for FS2 without any first edition experience.

Hey there,

I too have that collection of FS1 books (complete :smiley: ) and so far it's been reaaaaaally easy to convert things that I want to move over. Remember you've got the offical Conversion Codex at for when you're being super lazy like me.

Really hoping we've got more FS2 books on the horizon though. Weird that at first I wasn't very sure about the new future, and now I think that'd be the sourcebook I'd like to see most. I've always liked the Ascended as baddies as well, so maybe an updated book on those world dominating furrys would be a good choice. :smiley: