Any thoughts for running with a dad + one kid?

This is right up my youngest's alley when it comes to theme + idea. Any tips/thoughts for running w/ one player + a GM? She loved the graphical novel intro. (As did I - that was really well done.) Now wondering what we might be able to do for a parent/child play session. Getting others involved is just unlikely at this point.

I think Magical Kitties does well as a solo game. It turns out there was a blog post on just this very topic recently.

I just consider getting a copy of the game (for myself or for my daughter, I am not sure), but one question out of curiosity. Is it playable voice only - say over discord? Or does it depend on a board and tokens?

No need for a board. All you really need are pencil, paper, and dice. (Or electronic versions of those.)

The tokens that come with the box are too keep track of Kitty Treats you have, but you can easily do that on paper too. (Kitty Treats are things players spend for rerolls and such.)