Anyone seen Thrice Told Tales yet?


Anyone seen Thrice Told Tales in the wild yet? I have my author copies, but am mildly surprised that it's been a month since the release and no mention of it here. I'd love to know if anyone is planning on running any of the stories. There's some sterling work gone into this book, and I offer kudos to all my co-authors. I plan to run all of the chapters at some point (with one exception --- I've already run my own contribution!)

Be careful to mark spoilers clearly!


My playtester copies have arrived, but I've not seen it in shops yet either. That said, my FLGS doesn't reliably stock Ars Magica anymore... :frowning:

Prompted by this thread, I just went to Orc's nest in London and bought my copy.

I will definitely be using stuff (possibly all) from the last chapter.


I got mine yesterday. Well, it arrived yesterday and I flicked through a little last night.

Very impressed with the structure so far (I know, I wanted to see how the three-act structure was presented) and the story ideas I've looked up so far have been bang-on.

Very pleased to see a little more Hibernia support in the book too. Can never have too much Hibernia support.

I will continue my reading when I next get the chance.

It showed up in my local store last week or earlier. I have not picked it up, being a bit light at the moment.

We had it at the Atlas booth at Comic-Con and will certainly have it at Gen Con, too. I saw one or two people looking through the books, but I wasn't able to talk to all of them.

have it till last friday here in germany ^^ And it looks good.

What's the Hibernia story?

I just attempted to order it off of Warehouse 23 - they don't have it yet. But good news! In addition to picking up their last copy of Between Sand and Sea, I also accidentally ordered a 2nd copy of Faith and Flame, as I neglected to LOOK AT THE BOOKSHELF RIGHT BEHIND ME to confirm what I actually owned and didn't own.

Huzzah for casual internet purchasing!

I'm away from the book but I think it's called The Mound. It's really good. Makes me want to get the gang back together for a quick three session blast. Pretty sure it's ready to run straight from the book.

I think it is, but bear in mind that the whole structure of Thrice-Told Tales depends on between time between the different parts. That you think you've finished a story, only to have it - or something highly related - pop back up after a number of years. Of course, you could just decide that the characters have had some years pass by, if you as players can make this abstraction.
I don't believe 'Servants of God' requires a set amount of time between the stories, it should be quite flexible with this. But several of the other chapters may not work as written if rushed.

"The Mound" is set in the Hibernian Tribunal, but an accompanying sidebar shows folks how to set it in other tribunals. It has a certain Hibernian flavor, I think, because I'm heavily influenced by Irish mythology and I like reading about the history of medieval Ireland, but it doesn't have to be set in Ireland 1220.

I like this book quite a lot. I'm happy with how "The Mound" turned out, and I'm happy with my cartography work, but my favorite part is Mark Shirley's chapter and the accompanying appendix. I've been reading about Celtic pagan England and Scotland lately as a background for some fiction I'm writing, and that framework serves as a foundation for my enjoyment of Mark's work, not that his chapter is aimed at Celtic Britain in any way. But it is aimed at a specific episode of Hermetic history, and since I don't want to spoil it or Mark's adventure, I won't say more.

It is a very good book.

Matt Ryan

I will definitely be running 'The Traitor's Game'. I have always loved the story of Damhan-Allaidh and the formation of House Ex Misc. It is a great example of why Ars Magica is the best rpg out there.

Bookery Games

Still no sighting in Sweden :frowning:

I just got my copy (along with Through the Aegis and Mythic Locations) from Amazon. Looks good! So far, my personal favorite has been the Chosen By God one, simply because I tend to play around with the Holy Magic rules a lot.

I wholeheartedly support your acquisition of publications of the Ars Magica line - especially these three books :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm glad you like Servants of God. It's a tricky subject. Prase share your experiences with running it on the Forum.

Of course, my irl store doesn't sell ars magica products anymore.
And amazon fr hasn't it.

I'm putting a couple of copies in the Grand Tribunal raffle this year. I think my story the only one no one mentioned! :frowning: :wink:

CJ x

I received mine :slight_smile:.

Finally, I just recived mail that mine is on its way.

Only 3 books I lack now, but they seem to be really hard to get:
Guardians of The Forest
Realm of Power Magic